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• 8/10/2018
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• 8/5/2018

Actress - S6 Rites of Passage

During the bar fight a buxom waitress walks through the scene and slugs Bud. She's not credited anywhere but surely was a Playboy/Penthouse model. Know her name/issue?
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• 12/28/2017

Actress name needed

In S5, Ep3 "Sue Casa, His Casa" the episode ends showing an actress that "would have been Al's nurse" She's has no speaking line so doesn't get a credit. Anyone know who she is? She go on to do anything else?
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• 9/12/2017

Actress - England Show part 2

In the the England Show part 2 a maid with a camera walks in on Al and Peggy and tells them that several of the children would like their picture taken with Al. What is this woman's name? I feel like I have seen her in another show or movie but I can't place it and she is not credited for this episode.It's driving me crazy! Thanks.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 6/9/2017

Should we recognize the Married With Children Comics as "canon"?

So I thought about starting a comic book category on this wiki since NOW Comics released quite a few MwC comic books back in the day. It should kinda work as a guide if people are interested in knowing what comics are out there. Now in the comic books obviously some details are revealed that we don't get on the show, e.g. we get to see Peggy's mother. However I'm not sure if these facts and details are worth mentioning on the character's pages so I wanted to get some opinions. I myself don't own any of the comics but I've found about 4 of them online to read.
Since the show itself struggles with continuity sometimes, e.g. when it comes to birthdays, it is kinda hard to say what's "canon" and what's not anyway. Just please let me know what you think. I'll be working on the category now. :)
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• 7/17/2016

Where do Peggy's parents actually live?

I've been watching episodes of MWC that I Tivoed from TBS, and I realized something:
It's not clear to me where Peg's parents are actually from.  I think the show made a continuity mistake.  In later episodes, it's very clear that Peg's family ives in Wanker County.  (Tim Conway plays a hick as Peggy's father.)  But in Season 2 (e.g., "For Whom The Bell Tolls"), Peg's mother lives in Milwaukee.  Does anyone know if this discrepancy was ever explained, or did the show just change it with no explanation?
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