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• 7/17/2016

Where do Peggy's parents actually live?

I've been watching episodes of MWC that I Tivoed from TBS, and I realized something:

It's not clear to me where Peg's parents are actually from.  I think the show made a continuity mistake.  In later episodes, it's very clear that Peg's family ives in Wanker County.  (Tim Conway plays a hick as Peggy's father.)  But in Season 2 (e.g., "For Whom The Bell Tolls"), Peg's mother lives in Milwaukee.  Does anyone know if this discrepancy was ever explained, or did the show just change it with no explanation?

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• 9/12/2017
Both Milwaukee and Wanker county are in Wisconsin, I don't recall if/when it was explained how Peg's mom came be in Wanker after Milwaukee. Her parents could have had a falling out causing the mother to leave but instead of running to Peggy she went to Milwaukee instead.
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