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The Peases, or, rather the actors who play them as they meet the Bundys in the Season 9 MWC episode "No Pot to Pease In".

The fictional TV series "Pease in a Pod" was featured in the Season 9 episode of Married... with Children titled "No Pot To Pease In". The characters were a take on the Bundy family, as Kelly unwittingly told the series producer, one Ronald N. Michaels, an opportunistic, but unscruplous sort, about her family as she was auditioning for a part in the series. Michaels liked the idea better than his own, as he then pitched the revamped idea to FOX TV execs, which they then aired the show, much to the chagrin of everyone except for Al, who seemed to like the way they developed the "Mel Pease" character.

Everything about both the Bundys (who are, in the series, the Peases), from Al's working as a shoe store salesman as Mel (played by Leonard Kelly-Young) and a lazy, red-headed, sex deprived, money spending wife Patty (played by Lisa Kaseman), who's the series counterpart of Peg, the oversexed, dim-witted daughter Carrie (played by Alex McLeod), Kelly's counterpart, the sexless son Ben (Bruce Fine), who's Bud Bundy's counterpart, was copied down to a "T", and so were the D'Arcys, who are, in the TV show, the Darlas (Marla played by Jennifer Massey and Washington Darla played by Mark Barriere).

When the series is cancelled, Marcy breaks the news to the Bundys as they are set to watch what they thought would be a "sure fire hit", with the reason she tells them why it was cancelled being a sendup of the backlash of the moral crusade campaign which included a sponsors' boycott launched against the airing of MWC launched by Terry Rakolta in 1989, a campaign that gained national news media attention, as Marcy told them that "Some woman in Michigan didn't like it!".

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