Aaron Mitchell was a young, college-age high school graduate who worked for a short time in Gary's Shoes & Accessories for Today's Woman, who was on the path to a good life until he met Al Bundy. The part of Aaron is played by Hill Harper. He first appears in the eighth season of Married with Children, first appearing in the episode "Scared Single".


Aaron graduated from Polk High in 1993 and shortly afterward enrolled into college, before looking for employment to help pay his tuition. Finding his way to Gary's Shoes & Accessories for Today's Woman, Aaron's initial attempt at employment failed, as Al intended at the time, to hire a ditzy, but beautiful and busty girl named Heidi (Melissa Behr), who wasn't at all knowledgeable or qualified for the job. However, once it was discovered that Aaron had attended Polk High, and was All-City on the Polk High football team, he was hired on the spot. (MWC: "Scared Single")

During a conversation with Al, he tells him that he's working the job because he wants to save up to buy an engagement ring for his fiancee at the time, Angie. Al tries to talk him out of it, based out his own experience of marriage, but after meeting Angie and seeing how different she was from Peg, he changes his mind. Unfortunately, Al finds out that Aaron dumped Angie after their conversation and instead, chose to be with his former high school girlfriend, Meg, who turns out to be a younger version of Peggy.

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