Wikia MWC - Al's computer

Al learning to deal with his computer

The Bundy's new home computer was purchased for the Bundys by Peggy Bundy after she was convinced by Steve and Marcy Rhoades that the family needed it. Ultimately, the computer went largely unused with the exception of Kelly Bundy, who did not even understand its operation. The computer also frequently insulted Al Bundy who eventually grew tired of it, destroying the expensive machine with a comically large sledge hammer. Al had also attempted to sell it to Marcy sometime after Peggy had bought it, but because it was already outdated Marcy offered only thirty dollars for it, calling it "the you (Al) of computers". The voice of the computer was provided by Nick Toth.


  • The make and model are assiduously unspecified.

(MWC: "The Computer Show")