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A man and his freedom

The only car to stay with him through thick and thin, mostly thin, is Al's utterly unreliable 1973 Dodge Dart Sport, the only car he can afford and the automotive equivalent of Peg. The car consistently lets him down at vital moments, and he seems to spend almost as much time pushing as driving it, but Al has a stubborn loyalty to the vehicle, and, in season eleven's Requiem For a Chevyweight, Part I and its sequel, he spends a great amount of time, money and energy trying to keep his "baby" going.


In Requiem For a Chevyweight (Part I), Al bought it at some point while in high school (though Al was in high school during the mid to late 1960s and the car is from the early 1970s) from a used car lot on Route 12 . He was paying for it by working at the shoe store during the summer. Al's father seems to think that the car is a lemon and that Al is a fool for buying it, but works on it anyway, so Al can go to the Rolling Stone's farewell concert with his new girlfriend, Peggy Wanker.

In the same episode, he is shown to still have the car on the day he scored four touchdowns in a single game and is still with Peggy, which leads to them accidentally conceiving Kelly that same night (though her birth year is listed as 1971, while Al's four touchdowns happened in 1966). Peggy had also confirmed previously that Kelly was conceived in the car in Old Insurance Dodge

At least one of Al's old girlfriends was also familiar with Al's Dodge. Sandy Jorgenson, Al's cheeleader girlfriend who received the football he scored his four touchdowns with, remembered that Al was working at the shoe store as a summer job and he was working there to replace the carborator.

Although Peg had her own car during the early seasons, Al's Dodge has served as the vehicle for entire family, often leaving Al as having to ask the kids or Peg to pick him up from the shoe store (which usually falls on deaf ears, leaving Al to hitchike home) or serve as a chauffer. 

Peg and the rest of the family hate the Dodge and prefer not to ride in it. Bud happily mocks Al after his Dodge is stolen, saying "I was said when I had no Dodge, until I saw the man who had one". While looking at the 1994 Dodge Viper, Al calls out Peg in front of the Dodge staff, claiming that she truly hates Dodge. She tries to play it off as merely a joke. He continues on, saying that she got him a license plate frame that reads "I'd rather be driving" and then says "You laughed at the Dodge. You mocked the Dodge. She shot the Dodge, but she didn't shoot the deputy."

Al also feels that the police do not care about his car whenever it is stolen or vandalized. By the same token, the Dodge has been used in attempts to escape the police, though usually unsuccessfully.

After Al tries to see how much the insurance is willing to offer after his car stolen, the insurance company offers only $50, most of it from Al's mental anguish.


In "Get Outta Dodge", Bud tells his date that the Dodge is actually a "Dodge-enstein" and is made "from the parts of other dead Dodges".

Throughout most of the early seasons, Al's Dodge is shown to be bronze. In "Get the Dodge Outta Hell", after the car is washed, it is now red and Al claims that his Dodge was actually red when he bought it. Though, when the trunk is opened for Al to get his Big 'Uns, it is obvious that the inside was actually bronze and parts of the trunk hinges go from red to bronze paint.

In No Chicken, No Check and Get the Dodge Outta Hell, Al's car key is shown to be a screwdriver.

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