Al's Guardian Angel, unlike most angels that are depicted in TV shows and films, is sarcastic and generally doesn't care about Al.

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In the two-part event It's a Bundyful Life, the angel shows Al what it would be like if he were never born. He also reveals Al will die at 60 of an ulcer ridden body. From what we learned about the Guardian Angel's life, he can sympathize with Al. According to him, his wife gained 100 pounds for every year of their marriage. He had 2 kids but his wife probably ate them, and slept with his dad, grandfather, mailman and bookie. He got back at her by canceling his life insurance policy and hanging himself, leaving her with bills to pay and no money. (It's quite rare that an angel, unlike what the Bible and many other books and films say about them, could be human. let alone commit suicide!) The role of the angel was played by crass former Pentecostal preacher turned comedian/actor Sam Kinison.

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