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Al... with Kelly was the second episode of Season 5 of Married... with Children, and also the 82nd overall series episode. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Stacie Lipp & Gabrielle Topping, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on September 30, 1990.


Al and Kelly fake getting sick in order to get out of having to visit Peg's mother. With Peg gone, Al begins to fantasize about two blonde women who fight over him (one of them played by Pamela Anderson) — but things get sticky when Kelly really does come down with a cold and needs her father to care for her.


"MWC" was known for a lot of things during its long run on the Fox Network. Among them were crude sexual humor, snappy dialog, and beautiful women. This particular episode "Al...with Kelly", contains plenty of all three. While it may seem tame by today's TV standards, some of moments in this episode (specifically Al's dream sequences) were considered much more racy for 1990. These moments are also among some of the funniest of the fifth season.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of this episode is the appearance of Pamela Anderson back when she was a Playboy Playmate centerfold, just before her really big break in the role of C.J. on the Baywatch series. Al and Kelly both fake illness in order to get out of having to visit Peg's mother. With Peg away, Al begins to fantasize about two buxom blonde women, Yvonne and Yvette (played by Anderson and similarly sexy blonde B-Movie actress/centerfold Becky Mullen) who engage in a catfight over him! Things really begin to get sticky when Kelly really does come down with a cold and needs Al, who winds up catching the bug at episode's end, to tend to her.


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  • The title is a reference to the show's title as well as the fact that Al is spending time with Kelly in this episode.


  • This was the first time that Al's favorite show, Psycho Dad was mentioned.
  • This episode marks the first time Al talks about scoring four touchdowns in a single game.
  • Amanda Bearse, although credited, does not appear in this episode.
  • Al tells Kelly that he carried her home from the hospital, but accidentally left her on top of the Dodge and almost left Peggy behind.
  • Al reveals that Peggy's mom ate a dog, by wrapping it in bacon, tooth picking its mouth shut and putting in the microwave.
  • Al mentions that he had multiple offers to go to junior college with his athletic abilities, but they were taken away because of Peggy coming into his life.
  • Kelly reveals how cruel the family has been to Al, by telling the story of the bell, claiming that Peggy would ring it and call Al to eat. But when he came down, there was no food and she the kids would laugh, while he went back upstairs hungry and depressed. Even when Al gives her a sad look and tells her that he really was starving at the time, she bursts out in laughter again.
  • After her appearance on this show, Pamela Anderson would later rise to stardom as Lisa the Tool Time girl on the ABC sitcom, Home Improvement.
    • Incidentally, Debbe Dunning, who also appeared on MWC later in this season, would later play Heidi the Tool Time Girl, Lisa's replacement on Home Improvement following Pamela Anderson's departure in the third season. Both actresses appeared together in the sixth season finale following Lisa's brief return to the show.
  • Jay Anthony Franke who plays Pizza Boy would later play Jake Sommers on California Dreams.
  • The purple dress that Kelly wears at the end of the episode is the same one from the season 4 episode "You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em (Part 2)".

Cultural References[]

  • The book that Bud bought for Peg's mother is called "The Red Fudge Of Courage", a parody of The Red Badge Of Courage by Stephen Crane.
  • Kelly claims to have "Monte Cristo's revenge" mixing it up with Montezuma's Revenge.
  • Al quotes a variation of the lyrics to the song "See Me, Feel Me" by The Who when Kelly suggests that they stay up together and watch the music video countdown.
  • Kelly mixes up the saying "Starve a cold, feed a fever" (or more commonly "Feed a cold, starve a fever") with "Feet are cold, starve for pizza" and "Stave a pizza, eat cold feet".




  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Al & Peggy's Bedroom


  • Kelly claims she hasn't worn pantyhose since she was seven years old, but she is clearing wearing them as a teenager in the opening credits for Seasons 4-8 and has worn them in earlier episodes, such as "The Great Escape", "He Thought He Could", and "He Ain't Much, But He's Mine".
  • When Al is finally able to have the bed to himself, he moves to the center of the bed and then throws Peg's pillows off to the side. When Kelly wakes him up from his dream with Yvette, both pillows are back on the bed and Al is back to his side of the bed.
  • Al's bedroom has blue wallpaper with a floral pattern. However, in the shot in which Al jumps into bed with Yvette and Yvonne and the camera is pointed towards the ceiling, the wallpaper behind Al changes to blue stripes.
  • Christina Applegate appears to be trying to hold back her laughter when she watches Al squeeze the water out of the loaf of bread.

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