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Al and the Aliens

When Al gets visited by Aliens, they begin stealing his socks. Al tries to get pictures of them in traps first, but it doesn't work. They later return for more of his socks, and through body language explain why he could not entrap them; Al recently bought the socks he laid out as bait, which are not wanted by the aliens. Only socks that Al has worn for a long time are desirable to them. This time Al requests photographs of them, and they comply. Al is pleased with this and thinks it is his ticket to fame and fortune proving the existance of extraterreristrial life. However, the photo store employee ruins the roll of film, causing Al to assault him. The aliens return a final time for one more pair of socks, and Al explains what happens. The aliens pose for new pictures, but Al says he smashed his camera in anger and regrets if he ever served any purpose on Earth. When Al asks why they wanted his socks, they reply in their native language it is for fuel, which Al does not understand. It is later revealed a gigantic comet destroyed many planets, but the aliens created a navy of spaceships to destroy the comet, and Al socks provided fuel for these ships. By destroying the comet Earth was saved from destruction, and the aliens regard Al as a hero for saving their world and his.

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