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Amber is Marcy's niece. Amber's mother sent her to live with Marcy to get her out of her bad L.A. neighborhood. Bud managed to bed her on their first encounter (and presumably more so in the following week) and tries relentlessly to bed her again, but to no avail.

After season nine, Amber disappears without explanation or reference. However, she does appear to demonstrate an attraction to Bud (remarking to Kelly in private that she thinks he is cute). Bud may have simply lost his attraction towards her when she destroyed his cyber sex simulators of her in the episode, User Friendly.

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  • Amber's L.A. roots and relocation may well be a dig at the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which sent its main character from Philadelphia to L.A. to escape gangs.
  • Amber was clearly originally intended to be in Radio Free Trumaine, but was replaced by April Adams for unspecified reasons.

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