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Amber is the niece of Marcy D'Arcy who appeared in four episodes during Season 9 of Married...with Children.


Amber's mother sent her to live with Marcy to get her out of her bad L.A. neighborhood. Marcy mentions that Bud had previously met Amber six years ago, when she was 13 years old. Though he screams in horror after she shows him a picture of a younger Amber. After Bud pays off everyone to have some alone time to study, Amber arrives as the Bundy Residence to hide from Marcy. She tells Bud that she originally received first class tickets to fly to Chicago, but decided to cash them in and hitchhike her way there.

Later in the evening, she sneaks into Bud's room, saying that if Marcy tells her that she can't go to the Bundy's, she will do it to rebel against her aunt. She then asks for a massage and despite being able to touch her, he still thinks that it his imagination. He tries to prove himself wrong by asking Amber to have sex, which she gladly agrees to do so. After getting up and thinking it was just a dream, she emerges from the bathroom, telling him that its 3am and that he was the best lover she has had.

Bud tries relentlessly to bed her again, but to no avail. In "Kelly Takes a Shot", he states that it has been over a month since they had sex for the first time (which lasted a total of 3 minutes) and she appears to be more distant, claiming to not be in the mood and that they can wait for the right time to do it again. After Bud makes Kelly cry by telling her she's not a good actress to her face, she becomes angry and tells him that she's not going to have sex with him after seeing how he treated his sister. He eventually tries to make it up to Kelly and help her get ready for a archery competition for a chance to be in a commercial for Fryer Tuck restaurant. Amber thinks it is sweet that he helps her out and offers something sexual for him if he stands in and lets Kelly shoot an apple from his head. Despite Kelly actually making the shot, Bud is left traumatized and wearing a onesie while in the fetal position at home while suffering from ptsd.Despite Amber sneaking in wearing skimpy lingerie and saying that she wants him badly, he realizes that it wasn’t worth nearly dieing just to sleep withe her and unfortunately for all women declares that women are icky obviously In order to simply just get her to leave him alone, leaving her frustrated and exiting the house.

In her last appearance, Kelly mentions that Amber was not happy that Bud tried to use the old "movie theater popcorn trick". Amber also didn't appreciate that he previously grabbed her chest and went "Honk! Honk!". She eventually leaves the house after he doesn't seem to understand about respecting her and her body. Later, in the experimental simulator he tests out, his perfect girl appears to a copy of Amber in lingerie who is willing to have sex without demanding that Bud respect her. However, the real Amber does appear to demonstrate an attraction to Bud (remarking to Kelly in private that she thinks he is cute) and willing to go out with him again. But after experiencing the virtual reality version of Amber without restrictions, he basically rejects her and becomes addicted to virtual reality. Amber later sneaks into the lab with Kelly's help and reprograms the machine, so Bud's version of Amber is replaced by gorillas. Later, the three of them sit together on the couch with him now attracted to the gorillas on television, while Amber and Kelly gleefully smile after getting revenge.

Following that episode, it is never explained what happened to Amber and she is never mentioned or seen again. Bud may have simply lost his attraction towards her when she destroyed his cyber sex simulation of her and he realized that his addiction to the cyber version was simply because he didn’t like the way Amber made him stand and let his sister shoot an apple of his head with an arrow which likely could’ve gotten him killed and because she basically turned him into a zoophile which obviously likely resulted in her and Kelly getting arrested off screen after bud went back to normal after likely unfortunately committing an indecent act against a gorilla due to clearly not being in his right state of mind and obviously dude to the bundys and the darcys living near a zoo which obviously resulted in her getting sent back to la after getting paroled from prison.



  • Amber was clearly originally intended to be in Radio Free Trumaine, but was replaced by April Adams for unspecified reasons.
    • This was later confirmed by Juliet Tablak in a 2017 podcast interview, saying that she actually did sign on to do the spin-off, which would have had her, along with David Faustino, as it focused on Bud during his college years. But her character was suddenly replaced and the spin-off plan was eventually scrapped after the episode. [1]

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