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April Adams is a fellow student at Trumaine University whom Bud wants to go steady with at the end of Season 9.

A popular and attractive young lady, she is an intern at Kyoto National Bank under Marcy D'Arcy, and the objection of the affections of Nikolai Pushkin, the college's basketball star.


She first appears on the show on a date with Bud at the Bundy Residence, where he is more restraint around a girl than usual while watching a nature program. He then asks her out to the Spring Formal Dance at Trumaine. Although he already believes her answer will instantly be no, she surprises him and agrees to. She tells him that she agreed to because she thought he was cute and different from other men, after they first met while she was training to be a window teller at Kyoto National Bank under the guidance of Marcy. As such, she advises Bud to not tell Marcy about their plans, as she is about to take the final test to become a teller and Marcy will be upset if she finds out that April skipped it to go on a date instead.

Although it was implied that she and Bud were dating, Nikolai, who is the school's top basketball center, tells the DJs at W-HIP, Mark and Oliver, that April is actually his girlfriend but he is upset that she chose to go to the Spring Formal with Bud. Although Mark suggest that he should just forget about her, since he is attractive and a top athlete who "should be bagging more panties than a clerk at Victoria Secret!", Oliver suggest he should instead convince April to go steady with him.

On the night of the formal, Bud gets his neighbor Jefferson D'Arcy to be their chauffer and bribes him to slow the car down while a Barry White song plays in order to have sex with her. But their night is short lived as she is forced to bring Bud back home an hour later, after he got drunk off of a single can of beer and passed out. Jefferson then tosses Bud onto the couch and promises not to Marcy about the date in exchange for April staying silent in regards to Jefferson slow dancing with the homecoming queen. She then reveals that while Bud was puking his guts out, Nikolai decided to go to the formal and ask her to go steady which she agrees to. Bud, now feeling dejected, laments that he knew he had no chance of going steady with April. Realizing that two men want to go steady with her, she tells Bud that she needs some time to think before committing to either one of them.

Some time later, Nikolai and Bud arrive on campus and try to outdo each other to get her to choose one of them. Marcy also catches up with April, expressing her displeasure with her for skipping out on the exam to go out with Bud. She warns April that she can't be a successful banker if all she can do is think about is men (before she has an orgasmic experience while starring at Nikolai). She tells to focus on her career first and then go after a boyfriend (or Bud) while offering a make up exam.

While Marcy leads a sit-in protest after finding out that her ex-husband and current Dean of Students, Steve Rhoades, is kicking Mark and Oliver out in retaliation for exposing his past, April, Bud and Nikolai sit in the other recording booth. Noticing that no one wants to hear Marcy and Oliver talk about Steve and the bylaws of the school, Mark decides to turn on the mics in the booth with April and the other two. More students come to the campus center at April debates about the qualities of both guys, before eventually realizing that she can't date either one of them and that she should find herself before finding a boyfriend.

Although she acknowledged that Marcy was right focusing on herself before finding a boyfriends, she then tell her that she no longer wants to intern at the bank and instead, study at Trumaine and work as a DJ. After Marcy decides to go find Nikolai, April takes a seat with Mark and Oliver as the newest DJ at W-HIP.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The links to Marcy strongly suggest that this was originally a storyline developed around Amber, but that character had been taken out of the mix by this point.
    • Juliet Tablak, who played Amber confirmed this in a 2017 interview, stating that "Radio Free Trumaine" was meant to be a back door pilot and she had signed on to star in it with David Faustino. She was surprised when it was suddenly changed to include April Adams and that Amber had been dropped from MWC altogether.