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Ariel being taken in by Bud

Ariel was one of Bud's love interests, notable for her high-pitched voice, low intelligence and skimpy outfits. The part of Ariel is played in three episodes of Married... with Children by actress Jennifer Lyons.

About ArielEdit

Bud once decided to try and trick Ariel into having sex with him, by faking a Tornado, without realizing that a real one was coming into Chicago. At one point, Ariel, not realizing she had discovered Budy's ploy, suggested that he remove the giant fans he set up in the yard, lest they blow away. Ariel was also well liked by Bud's father, Al due to her contempt of Marcy.


Trivia Edit

  • In Twisted she mentions that she just found out that the Olsen twins were two people.
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