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Banking on Marcy was the fifth episode of Season 8 of Married... with Children, also the 162nd overall episode of the series. Directed by Tony Singletary and written by Stacie Lipp, the episode originally on FOX, premiering on October 3, 1993.


Marcy works through her fear of public speaking by imagining herself having sex. This leads to a whole new career for her. Meanwhile, Al gets interested in rap videos.


Marcy tries to overcome her fear of public speaking by fantasizing that she's elsewhere (having sex in the bedroom), which is a real treat for the audience. But the only people that are turned off by Marcy's simulated lovemaking skills are an embarrassed Jefferson, a shocked Peggy, and a disgusted Al, who's hooked on (muted) rap videos.


Peggy: So that's what one looks like.

Al: Dr. Angela? Hi. My name is...uh... Sal Undy. And I'm having a little...uble tray with my enis pay.

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the idiom, "Banking on...", meaning to rely on someone to successfully complete something.
    • It may also be a play on Marcy working in the banking industry.


  • Beau Billingslea, who played the moderator in this episode, would later play Rev. Hightower in the season 11 episode "A Bundy Thanksgiving".
  • Peggy reveals that Marcy had a tragic incident involving a relative named "Uncle No-Pants".
  • During Marcy's climax, she screams out the names of Jefferson, her ex husband Steve Rhoades and a lover named Jamal.
  • Al reveals that he has impotency from seeing Marcy's orgasm onstage at the bank.
  • During her intimate talk with Jefferson in front of a suffering Al, she calls him "Sugar Tush" as she reassures him that she won't neglect him anymore. Marcy had previously used that nickname for her ex-husband, Steve in the season 3 episode, "The House That Peg Lost" after he calls her "Angel Cups" and then reassures her that things will work out for them.

Cultural References[]

  • When Peggy asked Marcy how much trouble the bank was in, she tells her "We backed 'Last Action Hero" and hangs her head in shame as Peggy comforts her. Last Action Hero was a 1993 action-fantasy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and was considered a major failure during its theatrical run.
    • Last Action Hero was a parody of action films where a kid ends up getting sucked into the fictional world featured in the movie.
    • On the surface, the movie took in $137.3 million in a worldwide box office against a $87 million budget.
    • However, the film clearly bombed as negative publicity overwhelmed the film following a rough showing on May Day 1993.
    • It didn't help matters any given that Universal released Jurassic Park on June 11, 1993.
    • Finally Last Action Hero lost 47% of its opening weekend audience and lost a declared $26 million.
    • The film was produced by Columbia Pictures, which also produced MWC through its television division.
  • When Al calls in the video channel, one of the songs he requests is "Rump Shaker", which is an actual song by the group, Wreckx-N-Effect.
  • When Peg mutes the tv and Al says "Whoomp! There It Is!", it is a reference to the song of the same name by the rap group, Tag Team.
  • When Al is trying to make a request to the video channel, he is wearing a Chicago White Sox baseball cap backwards.
  • Al confuses actress Shirley MacLaine with Boris Karloff when Marcy makes Al watch the 1989 film Steel Magnolias.
    • Al was previously forced to watch Steel Magnolias in the season 6 episode "Just Shoe It" after the family leaves an injured Al alone and Buck jumps on the couch, while on Julia Robert's role in the film.
  • During Marcy childhood story, she said that she had panties that read "Hey Hey We're the Monkees" and after she accidentally showed them to her schoolmates, the boys would ask her "Can Davey come out and play?". Both refer to the American band The Monkees and its lead singer, Davy Jones.
    • Marcy previously mentioned that she liked the band, particularly bass player Peter Tork in "My Dinner with Anthrax".
    • They were also referenced in "Rock of Ages" when one of the musicians, Spencer Davis, thought Axl Bundy was "The Fifth Monkee".
  • Al confuses singer Mel Tormé with actress Kathy Bates after Marcy forces him to watch the 1991 film, Fried Green Tomatoes.
  • Jefferson mentions that the last time she saw Marcy have an orgasm in public was in the Skyway at Disneyland, a gondola ride that transported guests between between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. The ride was shut down in 1994, about one year after this episode aired.
  • Al mentions that he had to read Playboy and Big 'Uns to help with his impotency.
  • Al mentions Oprah Winfrey and sarcastically tells Peggy that she might have a show about women with chaffed thighs who start forest fires.
  • Marcy recites the opening of the Gettysburg Address to Jefferson and a tortured Al.
  • The headlines
    • "D'Arcy Says IBM to Slash 36,000 Jobs" "Workers Cheer"
      • References a real life event that took place in 1993 as IBM was a money losing company and the new CEO cut jobs in order to help the bottom line.[1]
    • "D'Arcy Announces Closing of All North American Military Bases" "Receives 21 Gun Salute"
      • References the true life base realignment and closure commissions put forward by the US Government.[2]
    • "Venus on a Collision Course with Earth, Says D'Arcy" "Doomed Citizens Yell Encore"
      • This is not possible even though Venus gets close to Earth's orbit, but the closest the planets get to each other is 25 million miles or 41 kilometers.[3]
    • "D'Arcy Announces New CBS Fall Schedule" "Audiences Still Depressed"
      • CBS was considered a 3rd place network despite landing David Letterman after he lost "The Tonight Show" job. It didn't help matters any that the network also lost baseball to NBC and ABC and the NFL's NFC Package to FOX.[4]
      • CBS would have major changes on 5 of 7 nights on the 1993/94 schedule. The only nights remaining unchanged were Sundays and Tuesdays.[5]


  • The song "She Works Hard For The Money" by Donna Summer is played during a montage of newspaper headlines revealing bad news that Marcy told to various companies and even the U.S. military, but still received applause.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Shareholder's Meeting Room


  • When the last newspaper headline is shown, "D'Arcy Announces New CBS Fall Schedule - Audience Still Depressed", the camera zooms in on the article's text underneath the headline and is clearly visible to the viewers. The text doesn't read about what happened with CBS and the audience, but a story about a new municipality court center opening and the legal challenges that it may be facing.
  • One of the articles mentions that Marcy received a 21 Gun Salute from the military. A 21 Gun Salute is typically reserved for the President of the United States and visiting foreign leaders (and not to be confused with the the Three Volley Salute used in military / police funerals)
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