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Barney was one of Al's friends and drinking buddies, along with Norris, who appeared in various episodes of MWC . He is also the only friend of Al's from the early seasons to make it into the formation of NO MA'AM in season 8.

The part of Barney is played by comedic actor Steve Susskind.

About Barney[]

Barney appears to be a balding, middle aged man with a thick mustache (though he apparently shaved it off in "Requiem for a Dead Barber") and a penchant for smoking cigars. He mentions that he has a wife named Fanny in "Earth Angel". Peggy described him as "the man no deodorant could tame".

He first appears in "The Poker Game" as one the guys who plays with Al, Steve, Norris, Russ and EJ. He seems to enjoy beating Al during the game and later Steve reveals to Al that when Barney has a bad hand, he taps his chips.

In "Requiem for a Dead Barber", as the guys decide where to go after they went to a salon, Barney opposes going to the pool hall, claiming "The severity of the neon will ruin the highlights of my hair".

In "Earth Angel", he, along with Al's other friends Norris, Larry and Dennis, paid Al $5 to "work" in the backyard, while watching Tiffany do her aerobics. After they finish, he is eager to run back home to his wife and pretend the food crumbs on their bed is just sand and imagine that they are at the beach.

When Al's lackluster performance in a recent loss, the Bundy's softball team, the New Market Mallers, ban together to vote him off of the team, and attempt to replace him with a hunky beefcake ringer named Sven Hunkstrom (played by Dan Blom). Barney, a shop owner in the New Market Mall, and softball teammate, is one of the chief critics of Al's play, and supports the idea of replacing him.

In "NO MA'AM" he appears with the rest of Al's friends that form NO MA'AM after the Masculine Feminist (Jerry Springer) gets their regular Thursday night at the bowling alley turned into a ladies only night and the nudie bar has become a poetry reading house.

In "The Legend of Ironhead Haynes" he, along with rest of NO MA'AM go up with Al to see Ironhead Haynes in person.