Bella was a Doberman that had been bought by Steve and Marcy Rhoades in response to a series of robberies. He was named after New York feminist politician Bella Abzug (though was unwilling to wear the hat).


Bella was notable for not being a very quiet animal, spending a large amount of time barking loud enough to irritate the whole neighborhood, as well as being very hungry. The kibble Steve and Marcy had bought was not enough to satisfy him so he resorted to eating the neighbor's cat and a piece of the Bundy's fence instead. He did not accept Steve and Marcy as his rightful owners even two weeks after they got him, attacking them time and again so that they had to buy protective gear for their arms.


Bella's funeral

Bella's funeral

In the middle of the night, sometime later, Al thought he had heard a burglar and loaded his gun before going outside to investigate. When Al saw a movement by the bushes, he fired his gun, not realizing it was Bella in the middle of a bowel movement and wearing a hat. Distraught over this, Marcy informs Al that the two families are now merely neighbors in name, and storms off with Steve following her. The next day, after Al sends Bella's body to the land-fill to be buried, Steve comes over looking for Bella so that the dog could be given a proper burial. Al assures him, he will handle the burial and sends Peggy off to fill a chest with enough weight to make Steve and Marcy believe Bella is inside it.

Bella's funeral was attended by several neighbors. They hummed "Amazing Grace" as Al and Peggy put the chest into the grave in the Rhoades' backyard. Realizing Peg had put his bowling ball in the chest, he started crying. Steve thought Al was mourning and comforted him.