July 25, 2017 by LGSBCH

    I just finished giving all the episodes that still did not have pages yet their rightful pages. So far I have only added the most basic information on those pages so feel free to add any additional information you might have. I hope I'll have some more time soon, too, to write some longer plot summaries than the ones I found online.

    The good news is: All episodes have pages now.

    I am having the best time adding information to this wiki and I really hope I can help make this site one of the most comprehensive Married... with Children fan sites out there.

    Have a good day

    - Chrissi

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  • Al Bundys Sole

    Hello Bundy fans, I wrote most of my first blog under my profile, (check out Al Bundys Sole profile page) 

    Please leave your opnion. This has become an incredable effencient way to be ignored.

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  • Edchicano27


    September 13, 2015 by Edchicano27

    Just hoping to edit and clean up most of the wiki pages on here. I'm adding what episodes characters have appeared in, cleaning up the description of the characters, and hoping to add more photos in the pages as well.

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  • Jiskran

    Turning over a new leaf

    July 23, 2014 by Jiskran

    As the new Admin for this site, I'm hoping we can make it a little more engaging and relevant, so more Wikia users will be inclined to drop by and develop it.

    To this end, I'm happy to hear any ideas you may have (though I obviously can't guarantee that I'll implement them) for how we can pep this place up. As the series ended the best part of two decades ago, I was thinking we might, for example, add "Where are they now?" elements to the main characters, and perhaps even allow (clearly labeled) fanfic for the ongoing adventures of the Bundys. I'd also like to draw up some guidelines for content, chief among them that any contributions would need to be PG/PG-13 at most in spirit, like the show itself.

    With luck, and unBundy-like hard work, w…

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