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Born to Walk is the eighth episode of Season 2 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 21st overall episode in the series. Written by John Vorhaus, the episode was directed by Linda Day and premiered on FOX on November 1, 1987.


Al flunks his written drivers test the same day that Kelly passes hers, leading him confined to the house and unable to get to the racetrack to bet on an important horse race.


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Regular Cast[]


  • [Al quickly enters the Bundy residence and hangs up his coat]
  • Al: Peg, sell the house!
  • Peg: Why, Al? Did you see a shirt somewhere you'd like?
  • Al: Yes, it said "Congratulate Me, Wife's Dead!"

  • Peg: [gets up from the kitchen table] Daddy just doesn't want to pay for the insurance, dear.
  • Al: [ironically] Oh no, that's my pleasure Peg, even though my rates will skyrocket [to Kelly] because you're underage and I'm paying a special rate for the [glances back at Peg] "Bumper-car queen" over here...
  • Kelly: [smiling emotionally] Well, I know why you don't want me to drive and it's not the insurance. Your little girl is growing up and you can't bear to let her go, huh? [Kelly wraps her arms around Al]
  • Al: No, it's the insurance.

  • Peg: Take her out, Al!
  • Al: [bitterly] Yeah, "take her out"... [grabs Kelly by the wrist as they walk to the front door] "buy her clothes", "she needs books", "get her some medicine"! When will it all end?! Yeah, sure, sure [turns around to face Peg] I get one day off a week, and what do I wind up doing?! Spending it with my family! [Kelly quickly waves goodbye to Peg as Al opens the door. He then shoves her out] Oh, God!

  • Bud: Hi, Kelly [Kelly starts walking up to him]
  • Kelly: Hi,...[puts her arm around his shoulders and smiles] "Car Meat"!
  • Bud: Mom! [walks over to Peg]
  • Peg: Go out and play, Bud! [walks away disappointed just before Kelly cuts right in front of him]
  • Kelly: Watch out for cars! [does a sinister laughs]



  • The title is a play on the 1975 rock song "Born to Run", by Bruce Springsteen .


  • Al reveals that he has only one day off from work each week.
  • Al states that he has been driving for 20 years. As this episode takes place in 1987, that means he's been driving since 1967 which would make him around 18-19 years old when he started driving.
  • Kelly tells Marcy that she was getting sick and tired of the "Put out or get out" stuff. In the season 7 episode, "T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp", Kelly mentions that she had to deal with "Put out or get out" with her date, Ralph, calling it "POOGO" and later, after meeting Lorraine and D.J., she refers to her and her new friends as the "POOGO-ters".
  • After hearing Al tell Steve about taking him hunting one of these days while making him wear antlers, Peggy asks they can go too and Al promises to make a day out of it. In the season 6 episode, "The Gas Station Show", Al makes a similar promise with his family, offering to take them to the forest to go hunting, but with only him carrying a gun and calling it "Bundy Sunday Gunday".

Cultural References[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, Peggy mentions the arbitration-based reality television show, The People's Court and the game show, Wheel of Fortune while looking at the TV Guide.
  • Peggy mentions that Bud went as Kojak for Halloween after Kelly shaved his head.
    • Kojak was a CBS crime drama series that ran from 1973 to 1978, focusing on the life of Lt. Detective Theo Kojak who was bald, and typically seen eating lollipop while saying his catchphrase "Who loves ya, baby?".
  • Steve mentions actor and Al's personal hero, John Wayne, after Al mocks Steve for having to go shop with Marcy at the nursery for petunias.


  • The song that is playing when Al comes home is "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.



  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen


  • There's a microphone at the "ceiling" when Kelly comes down the stairs in the last scene.
  • After Kelly reveals that Al got a ticket for his license expiring a month ago, Peggy says that meant his birthday was the previous month. Al's birthday is officially listed as November, but this episode take places in early November (based on the airdate) which would make Al's birthday in late September or early October.

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