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Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part 3) is the 16th episode of season 11 of Married... with Children and the 251st overall series episode. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by Russell Marcus, it premiered on FOX-TV on March 3, 1997.


Peggy's date loses Bud and Kelly's support when they learn their potential "step-daddy" may force them to find work. Meanwhile Al misses Peggy a lot.

Plot Summary[]

Al keeps striking out with women. Marcy is more than happy to share with him the info that Peg is having a dinner party with a millionaire. Bud and Kelly break up Peg and her new boyfriend after discovering that he'll put the entire family to work. Peg admits that she misses Al and goes to meet him. They go out together and make-up.

Recurring Cast[]

Guest cast[]



  • The episode title is inspired by the song "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" by Neil Sedaka.


  • This episode first aired on David Faustino's 23rd birthday.
  • Alan Thicke, who plays Bruce, previously appeared on MWC as Henry, a rich man who eventually dates Kelly Bundy and watches the NBC sitcom,Friends with Al, in the season 10 episode, "Enemies".
  • When Al pretends to visit the house to see Lucky Bundy instead of Peggy, he asks Jefferson if Lucky was supposed to be bigger. He tells Al that it was actually Buck Bundy who was bigger. This was a rare instance of Buck being mentioned following his death in the season 10 episode, "Requiem for a Dead Briard".
  • During the montage of Peggy reminiscing about Al, clips from previous MWC episodes are shown:
    • "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" - Al sitting on the couch wearing a white t-shirt and brown pants
    • "Oh, What a Feeling" - Al pushing the old blue Dodge into the Bundy garage
    • "xx " -Al playing with his belly button while sitting on the couch.
    • "Proud to Be Your Bud" - Al sitting on the kitchen counter as he puts the telephone cord around his neck to hang himself.
    • "I Who Have Nothing" - Al striking a pose at Sandy Jorgenson's apartment.
    • "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" - A shirtless Al bending over by the front door to show off his butt while Peggy looks annoyed.
    • "A Babe in Toyland" - Al, while in bed, tosses Peggy off of his back and onto her separate twin bed.
    • "Wedding Show" - Peggy brushing Al's teeth, then his armpits, and his teeth again, with the same toothbrush.
    • "Just Married... with Children" - Al and Peggy appearing on the game show How Do I Love Thee? as she electrocutes him.
    • "A Babe in Toyland" - Peggy, who is sleeping in the lower part of a bunk bed, kicks upward and causes Al to fly up and then through the bedroom floor into the living room.
    • "Un-Alful Entry" - Al rubbing Peggy's tush in bed with a thick industrial glove.
    • "Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?" - Al trying to use the television remote to shut Peggy up after she asks if they can go out that night.
    • "Hot off the Grill" - Peggy screaming in horror and trying to cling to the table as Al forcefully drags her away from the backyard for more sex
    • "The Chicago Wine Party" - Peggy smiling as a drunken Al starts to kiss her all over.
  • During the montage, two clips from the episode "A Babe in Toyland" are shown, but that episode did not actually air until two episodes later.
  • Peggy stated that she and Al have been married for 25 years and that he was 18 years old and she claims that she was 9 years old.
  • This episode does not end with an epilogue scene.

Cultural References[]

  • Griff stated that he once compared his ex-wife to Al Roker, a television personality who serves as the weatherman for NBC's Today show.
  • After Peggy tells the kids that they are supposed to be in Brazil saving the rainforest, Kelly says that she hopes to meet Sting, a musician who is known for his environmental activism. He found the Rainforest Foundation Fund in 1987.
  • Bruce mentions that his dealership is having a "Year End Yugo Palooza" sale. This is in reference to the Yugo a subcompact hatchback car that was brought to the United States from Yugoslavia. It was sold in the U.S. market from 1985 to 1992 and was often cited as being one of the worst cars ever made.
  • After Bruce finally pushes Kelly away and Peggy asks him if they are still dating, he assures Peggy that they are, but then suggests that it "...would make a great 'Penthouse' letter!".
    • Penthouse is an adult magazine that features more sexually explicit pictorials in contrast to Playboy. It also publishes letters written to the magazine that depicts sexual fantasy experiences, as Bruce alluded to.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Al's Apartment
  • Supermarket Aisles
  • Maple Lane Dr. / Dodge Interior


  • When Peggy prepares dinner for Bruce, she is in front of the refrigerator, holding a plate with two uncooked steaks. In the next immediate shot, the steaks are on a plate on the stove and Peg, now standing by the stove, is holding an empty plate.
  • When Marcy and Al talk at the supermarket, the actor who plays the clerk appears to be doing some sort of squatting and warm up exercise behind Marcy to prepare himself for his scene. He can also be seen briefly looking off towards the crew to get his signal to walk by Marcy.
  • Peggy said that they've been married for 25 years in this episode and that Al was 18 years old at the time, but they already celebrated their 25th anniversary in the season 9 episode, "25 Years and What Do You Get?" which took place in 1995. That would mean if they celebrated 25 years in 1997, the year this episode took place, they married in 1972. But this would also contradict Al's given birth year, as his license in "Un-Alful Entry" showed that he was born in 1948. That would mean he would have been around 24 years old in 1972.
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