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Brooke is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "One Down, Two to Go". The part of Brooke is played by actress Julie Gray.


When Al Bundy goes to check up on Kelly, who moves out after a falling out with him over her right to bring dates home and have them in her bedroom, he admires the apartment she moved into. He begins to ask her how she could afford to live there for only $246.

Just then, a man close to Al's own age comes in with flowers and calls out to someone. He notices Kelly and tells her she looks nice and then turns to Al to introduce himself. Al then, thinking the man is seeing Kelly, promptly decks him, knocking him out and over the couch!

Kelly tries to explain who the man is, but Al tells her that he is upset, thinking that this man is Kelly's sugar daddy and taking advantage of her! A second later, Brooke, runs out wondering what happened, only to see her father laying on the couch and thinking that Al killed him! 

After trying to tell Al that Brooke is her roommate, Kelly turns to Al and gets him to admit that he cares, since she's his little girl. He then tells her that if she's willing to come home, he's willing to bend some of the rules. She asks if she can boys in her room, but he says it'll be on a case by case basis!

As Al and Kelly finally reconcile, Brooke says that her dad is possibly swallowing his tongue.