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Bruce Van Pelt is one of the relatives and heirs of a Colonel Van Pelt, a wealthy eccentric who owned the gem known asThe Pharoah's Eye who were hoping to be given ownership of it when the Colonel is murdered in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" The part of Bruce is played by actor David Sederholm.

About Bruce[]

When Colonel Van Pelt gathers his relatives, which he referred to as "pond scum", to reveal whom he would grant the ownership of a priceless family gem, "The Pharoah's Eye", Bruce, whose motives, like the rest of the relatives, with the exeception of a seemingly mentally retarded Leonard, could be put into question when he tells his uncle, the Colonel, "We don't care about the gem...we just want you to live forever!" when the Colonel is then murdered just before he reveals who would gain ownership of the prized gem.

Al, who was posing as a private eye named Jack Dallas, whom another relative Vanessa, the Colonel's daughter, had Al mistaken for when she hired to find out who was plotting against her in her attempt to own the gem to herself. When she tries to throw Al off the track, Al, who plays gumshoe detective, eliminates Bruce as a suspect after Al accuses him; he smugly replys "And just what do you base that on?" in finding out that it Vanessa who was the true murder culprit!