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Buck Can Do It is the fourth episode of Season 2 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 17th overall episode in the series. Written by Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye, the episode was directed by Linda Day and premiered on FOX on October 11, 1987.


Al is loath to have his dog Buck neutered despite being threatened with lawsuits from numerous neighbors regarding Buck's "nocturnal carnal activities" resulting in "stupid, ugly puppies" from their dogs. Reacting to pressure from Peggy and a bizarre dream he has involving Buck becoming upright and articulate, Al makes a decision.


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Regular Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Mitchell Greenberg as Mr. Pittman
  • Derek McGrath as Buck Bundy (Dream sequence)
  • Dick Durock as the Chainsaw Killer


  • Peggy: Now look, the kids are getting old enough to realize that it is not really your part-time job to sit on the couch and test the weight of beer cans. And now you won't even fix the fence. Now what kind of example is that for them?
  • Al: Well, if we are an example to the kids, Bud will grow up and get a job that will slowly kill him. And Kelly, well, she'll grow up to believe that a two-income family is a house with two husbands.
  • Peggy: [shaking her head] Now don't start with that I don't do anything crap! I take care of your children!
  • Bud: Mom, where's my socks?
  • Peggy: Honey, there's probably a pair in the hamper.

  • Mr. Pittman: [looks around the Bundy living room] Well, looking around, it doesn't look like I could get much. Looks like you've already been sued by life. Alright, I'll accept those terms. But, Bundy, I don't want your stupid dog around my poodle ever again. And while we're on the subject, keep your daughter away from my son.
  • Al: Well, she was probably just lending him a dress.

  • Al: And I'm not neutering my dog! That's the way God made him and that's the way he'll stay!
  • Peg: Al, he's climbing over every dog in the neighborhood!
  • Al: Oh, why? Cause Pittman said so? How does he know? The man spells sex "9-7-6".

  • Marcy: Well it may surprise you, Al, but some feel that responsibility should be shared equally. Right, Steve?
  • Steve: [focusing only on Buck as he hugs and pets him] Right, dear.
  • Marcy: And some men even feel its their duty to assume the role of family planner Right, Steve?
  • Steve: [still focused on Buck as he pets him] Right, dear.
  • Marcy: And after we have our little boy and little girl, Steve is going to have a vasectomy. Right, Steve?
  • Steve: [suddenly stops petting Buck and slowly looks up at Marcy] Steve is going to have what, dear?



  • The episode title is a play on a few lines from the song "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)" by Ella Fitzgerald.


  • This is the first episode that centers around Buck.
  • Kelly does not appear in this episode, but is mentioned by Mr. Pittman as having had an affair with his son.
  • As evidenced by the production code, this was the first episode produced for the season, though it was the fourth episode aired.
  • The scene where Peg tells Al that she got him ribs for dinner and that he needs to do something for her, but he pretends to have a headache was later used in an episode of The New Hollywood Squares, where Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal were guest panelists.
  • In this episode, Al specifically states that Buck is Bud's dog.

Cultural References[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, a television announcer begs the viewers to "Please, please watch 'The Late Show' on FOX"
    • The Late show was a late night talk show originally hosted by comedienne Joan Rivers that aired on FOX from 1986 to 1988, directly competing against the much more successful The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
    • The show suffered from low ratings due to the fallout between Carson and Rivers following her decision to host, as she was previously designated as the permanent guest host for The Tonight Show in 1983. Several local network affricates agreed to carry FOX only if they didn't have to air The Late Show, out of respect for Carson.
    • At the time this episode originally aired, Rivers had been fired and was replaced by comedian/actor Arsenio Hall, who would later host his own late night show, The Arsenio Hall Show. Though, due to prior obligations, Hall left the show after 13 weeks as host, and was replaced with a rotating string of guests hosts before it was eventually cancelled a year later.
  • The insane killers that come to kill Al in his fantasy appear to be based on Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • During his fantasy, when Al asks Buck if he wants to watch the Bears game, he tell Al that he doesn't really watch sports anymore. He then asks if they can go see Peter Allen in concert instead, causing Al to cry out.
    • The Bears refers to the NFL Team, the Chicago Bears.
    • Peter Allen was an Australian singer-songwriter, who was known for his flamboyant on stage persona and lavish costumes.




  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen


  • Steve is trying not to laugh after his line about "Mr. Mike".
  • When the Chainsaw Killer in Al's dream pulls the cord to start his chain saw, the sound can be heard but it is clearly not running.

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