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A Bundy Burger is a hamburger cooked by Al Bundy from his own recipe, which are often well received when consumed by others, despite initial reluctance. Al considers Bundy Burgers to be "the best damn burgers they ever yanked out of a cow".

It is seen twice on Married... with Children during season 4.


In Hot off the Grill, Al cooked some Bundy Burgers for himself, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud Bundy as well as Steve and Marcy Rhoades during a Labor Day cookout at the Bundy Residence. After Peggy accidentally knocked over Al's grill, which contained ashes from the past cook outs (one of the secrets to the Bundy Burger), she asks Bud and Kelly for help while delaying Al from finding out by having sex with him.

Some time later, the kids bring some ashes they stole from their neighbors, including from the Rhoades' residence which were in a jar. After the burgers are done and everyone starts to eat, Marcy reminisces about her beloved Aunt Tuney. Kelly then realizes, after Marcy says that Aunt Tuneys ashes were on the mantel above their chimney, that they mixed those into the grill and flavored the burgers. After Kelly realizes what she took from the Rhoades residence, she informs Bud and Peggy, with Kelly being chocked out by her mom. Bud tells Steve, who after a moment, smiles and continues eating, as he truly detested Aunt Tuney. Al and Marcy are the only ones left who are unaware of the ashes, as Al tries to help Marcy with coping over Aunt Tuney's death.

Months later, in "Yard Sale", Al cooked Bundy Burgers to sell at 'BundyLand', for $5 a burger. They ultimately went unsold and later, were chucked across the lawn by Al, Kelly and Bud.

How to make a Bundy Burger[]

  • Very fresh meat, cheese and charcoal (must be bought on the day of barbecue)
  • Ashes from previous grillings on the bottom of the grill
  • Uncleaned grill with the residual grease from previous cooking still on it
  • Grill must never have fish on it
  • Cook burger for exactly 11 minutes and 7 seconds
  • Meat, cheese, condiment and bun (as the Bundys don't eat vegetables)

As Al reveals to Steve in Hot off the Grill, the secret to a Bundy Burger is "in the ashes", because he never cleans his grill, saying, "Ashes from the past for burgers of the future".