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The Bundy Shoe Lights is an invention created by Al Bundy.

It is seen in the season 3 episode, "The Dateless Amigo"


The idea came to Al after taking out the trash in the dark with no light, causing him trip and fall. After some time in the basement, he shows Peggy, Bud and The Rhoades his new invention, using Kelly as his model. Despite the flaw in Al's logic, as Marcy and Peggy point out, he insists his device will sell and bring them millions.

At the shoe convention, he unveils his shoe lights in the hope of selling them and moving up in popularity. Unfortunately, Kelly walks into a coin fountain, electrocuting her, creating a fire hazard and shattering Al's dream of fame and fortune.


  • A camping backpack with a strap running across the chest
  • A car battery attached to the backpack via several bungee cords
  • Two small headlights mounted to a pair of boots
  • Jumper cables to connect the battery to the headlights.