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Chuck's Cheese Bowl Cherry Cheesecake is a cheesecake that Al Bundy has claimed to be his most favorite dessert in the world. It is referenced in the Season 5 episode, "Look Who's Barking".


From what can be briefly seen and heard, it appears to look similar to any other cheesecake, with a brown graham cracker crust and red cherries in a syrup on top, served in a white "Chuck's Cheese Bowl" box.

In terms of smell, it has a rather offensive odor to everyone besides Al, as he claimed that it is aged for six months. Bud compared it to the smell of a corpse and Al's socks while Kelly asked if it had aged in the belly of a bear. Al is also shown having to wear "cheese goggles" before he can partake in eating.


Al is first shown eagerly awaiting for its return, while Buck begs for food. Later that evening, while Kelly and Bud eat a burger for dinner, they ask Al if he will eat as well, but claims that he will not soil his palate until his cheesecake has arrived.

As it turns out, Marcy D'Arcy and Jefferson D'Arcy picked it up while on their honeymoon to Wisconsin, with Peggy accompanying them to guide them around the area and to visit her family. It is in an area known as "Cheese County", with Marcy and Jefferson have to try and do many cheese related activities before finally getting to Chuck's Cheese Bowl.

Al finally opens the box (letting out a rather offensive odor), but after one bite, he spits it out and screams out in anger, claiming that they must have gotten the wrong cake. After kicking the neighbors out, he begins his quest to find out why it taste nothing like how he remembered it.

The original chef, Hans, worked at Chuck's Cheese Bowl for 24 years before moving to another bakery, and after that, fled the country for Europe. Al finds out that Hans was in fact a war criminal and was hiding in France. He attempts to get someone to tell him where in France Hans is hiding. This eventually leads to Al calling the French rude after he reminded them about how America has saved their "wine-soaked hides" in past wars. Finally he is able to get a hold of Hans, who made it back to Germany to die there, but would ship one more to Al, to serve as a testament of Hans' legacy.

Some time later, Hans decides to personally bring the cheesecake to Al. Unfortunately, he wasn't home at the time, and Kelly slams the door in his face despite his plea, as it was freezing outside and he wanted to meet the man that really cared about his cheesecakes. Unbeknownst to him, upon arriving at home, Al thought Hans was some "sissy merry in short pants" and chased him off the lawn, before turning the hose on him. Upon noticing the smell of the cheesecake, he eagerly prepare to eat it one last time. Kelly and Bud, who decided to head out while Al eats, find Hans later, frozen solid on the sidewalk, giving their house a middle finger.

While Al looks for his "cheese goggles" to enjoy Hans' final cherry cheesecake, Buck gets his revenge on the female dog he brought home, by convincing her the cheesecake was for her. After seeing what she's done, Al become enraged and throws her out of the house. Later, Al is left saddened that he never got to enjoy the last cheesecake or even know what happened to Hans. He eventually settles for a meatball from the Italian restaurant Buck visited earlier.