Chuck E. Weiss is an American musician, vocalist and actor. He appeared in a few episodes of Married...with Children during its fourth season.

Early Life Edit

Born in Chicago and raised in Denver, Colorado, Chuck's taste in music was influenced by his parents record collection as well as the local blues scene. He took up drumming and by the time he was a teenager, had begun to perform with legendary blues musician, Lightnin' Hopkins, after filling in on drums during a local gig. By the late 1960s, he was going on tour with Hopkins, and found himself performing and/or recording with the likes of Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, and Rodger Miller.

By the early 1970s, he was a DJ at local radio station KFML AM-FM  Colorado Free Form Radio. In 1972, he met Tom Waits and from there struck up a music collaboration lasting for many years. After living in Chicago for some time, he moved to Los Angeles in the late 1970s and by 1981 released his first album.

Over the years, he has collaborated with his friend, actor and musician Johnny Depp.

Appearances on MWC Edit

He appeared on MWC during the 4th season as a bum who randomly turns up during a Bundy's moment of depression. He also appeared briefly in season 2.

He makes an uncredited appearance as the street dealer who has Marcy's Barbie and Steve and Al negotiate with him for her return in "Guys and Dolls".

His first (uncredited) appearance as the bum is in "Oh, What A Feeling", when he takes pity on Al as he stares at the car he couldn't afford and gives him a dollar.

In "Rock and Roll Girl", Kelly starts feeling like she might not be slutty enough for the audition to be in the Guttercats' new music video. The bum walks in and asks for some spare change and after a moment, she convinces another girl that he's actually the drummer for the Guttercats. After whispering in his ears about what she'd do for a chance at being a video slut, he happily runs off with the girl.

In "Peggy Made a Little Lamb", after Peg finds out that she didn't finish high school after failing home economics, Al comes back to the house with the bum to show her that she doesn't need a diploma to be important, The bum asks for some spare change and then Al and the kids laugh at her failure.

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