Coco, also known as Helen Granowinner, is a character who appears in the Season 7 finale episode of Married... with Children titled "The Proposition". The part of Coco/Helen is played in the episode by Vanna White.


When Al and Peg are watching TV in the bedroom, Al recognizes Coco, or Helen Granowinner, who was a year behind Al and Peg at Polk High school, in a commercial; Peg didn't remember; Al claims that Coco, or Helen "Co-piloted the Bundy Starship a couple of seasons"! Bud pokes fun at his claim: "Dad, You've never had a beautiful woman in your life", which alienates and insults Peg, too!

Anyhow, when Coco, or Helen, as Al and Peg both remember her, drops by Gary's Shoes, claiming that no one had ever before or since had made love to her the way that he did, she again has the hots for him, although she finds him to be a pig, which she strangely likes in a man! Al allows her to drop by the Bundy house, but only if she brings a pepperoni pizza with her! Needless to say, the kids, Kelly and Bud, are amazed when Al's claim is proven true at Coco's presence, as well as astonished that such a hot lady could be interested in someone like him! When Coco offers Peg $500,000 to buy him from her, at first Peg is happy to sell Al, but later she starts to have second thoughts. When Vanna shows up a second time, while Peg is away with Bud and Kelly checking out the new lakeshore condominium that was part of the deal, Al, who also has some reservations about the deal, is ready to dive in head first at seeing the lovely Coco in a nightie! But, when Peg returns to pick up a few more things, and she then catches Coco, or Helen, in bed with Al, she changes her mind, and gives Coco back her money, and tells her "This is my bed, and my's your check, and get out!"

A rejected Coco nonchalantly says "It's times like this that I'm glad there's a Ben and Jerry's!" When Peg asks, "You're gonna buy ice cream?" Coco responds, "No, I'm going to buy Ben and Jerry!"

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