Cousin Jimmy Bundy is a character who appears in the Season 7 episode of Married... with Children titled "The Wedding Show". The part of Jimmy is played in the episode by Abraham Benrubi.


Cousin Jimmy, played by the 6' 7" and nearly 300 lb Benrubi, is the Bundys' cousin, who is psychotic and incredibly strong, stupid, and quick to fall in love. He was to marry Janey, who had sex with Bud twice before the wedding. When she leaves him, he goes after everyone in Al's neighborhood, trying to find the guy who put the moves on his girl. Interestingly, while he has a reputation for violence and stupidity, he also seems to value Bud as a friend and relative in the belief that "blood is thicker than water", and admires Bud's intelligence, claiming it will be a help in tracking down the "culprit". When Bud is about to confess, Jimmy declares that he has called off the manhunt, putting the past behind him, then reveals he has a new fiancee, Diana, who proceeds to also have sex with Bud.

Abraham Benrubi also played the "nightmare version" of the Bundy baby, when Al was dreaming of how his football-playing life had been derailed by his wife and kids. He was the dream's equivalent of "Spare Tire" Dixon, Al's high school football nemesis, played by the likewise 6' 7" Bubba Smith, but could have been a portmanteau of Al's mind placing images of Jimmy in his dream.

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