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Dan Tullis, Jr., often credited as Dan Tullis (born July 8, 1951) is an American actor most notable for his role as Officer Dan on the sitcom Married with Children. Dan has also appeared in other shows such as The District, Home Improvement, 227 and Rachel Gunn, R.N..

Dan is currently serving as a radio and television spokesman for Select Quote Insurance, a life insurance company. Tullis identifies himself by name at the start of each ad so as to avoid confusion with Dennis Haysbert, a spokesman for Allstate, another insurance carrier.

On December 31, 1976, New Year's Eve of 1977, Dan appeared with his family on the game show Family Feud. Nine years later, he appeared on Tic Tac Dough, winning more than $15,000 in cash and prizes.


Although he had played Officer Dan during most of his run on Married...With Children, he had appeared on the show in earlier seasons as different characters.

Starting in Weenie Tot Lovers and Other Strangers and then again in Un-Alful Entry, Old Insurance Dodge and Luck of the Bundys, he appears as a Chicago PD officer, though his name is not stated until the season 8 episode, No MA'AM.

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