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Dances with Weezy is the 10th episode of season 8 of Married... with Children, also the 167th overall series episode. Directed by Tony Singletary and written By Richard Gurman, it premiered on FOX-TV on November 21, 1993.


Al and Jefferson sneak out of a Jeffersons reunion performance to go to a new sports bar, where they end up in a bar fight.


Al bribes Kelly and Bud into posing as him and Jefferson to accompany Peg and Marcy at The Jeffersons "Moving On Up" Tour live, while they go to a newly opened sports bar. Al and Jefferson (as well as the entire bar) gets into a big fight over who was in the first Lite Beer commercial: Bubba Smith or Billy Martin!

Concerning who was the first athlete to appear in the Lite Beer commercials of the 1970's and 1980's, Al and Jefferson, who get in a fight over the subject in the new sports bar in "Dances with Weezie" are both wrong. Although both of these athletes appeared in Lite Beer commercials in the 1970s, neither Billy Martin or Bubba Smith of them were first. That honor went to ex-New York Jets fullback Matt Snell in 1973.

Recurring Cast/Regulars[]

Guest stars[]

  • Joe Namath as Himself
  • Johnny Bench as Himself
  • Ernie Banks as Himself
  • Jillian Johns as Waitress
  • Frank Lloyd as Bar patron (uncredited)




  • Married.. with Children creators Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye , as well as MWC producer John Maxwell Anderson, Kim Weiskopf, Sandy Sprung, and Marcy Vosburgh were writers/producers on The Jeffersons during the early to mid 1980s.
  • Peggy reveals that Al was not at the hospital with Peggy when Kelly and Bud were born.
  • Frank Lloyd, who previously played Al's friend, Norris and served as the resident stuntman on the MWC, makes an uncredited appearance as one of the men in a circle fighting Al in the bar.
  • Al and Jefferson (as well as the entire bar) gets into a fight over who was in the first Lite Beer commercial: Bubba Smith or Billy Martin. Although both of these athletes appeared in Lite Beer commercials in the 1970s, neither one of them were first. That honor went to ex-New York Jets fullback Matt Snell in 1973.[1]
    • Bubba Smith and Billy Martin would later appear in Miller Lite commercials starting around 1977 and continue appearing in the into the 1980s.

Cultural References[]

  • The topic of the episode, as well as the title, revolves around the 1970s sitcom The Jeffersons:
    • Peggy, Marcy, Kelly and Bud sing the shows opening theme song, "Movin' On Up". It is later heard when Al, Peggy, Marcy and Jefferson arrive at the theater and again at the end as Al and Jefferson are forced to watch "The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii.
    • "The Jeffersons Live Movin' On Up Tour" that Peg and Marcy buy tickets for is a reference to the "The Real Live Jeffersons", which was an actual touring stage production that reunited the main cast of The Jeffersons to reenact certain episodes in 1993. [2]
    • Audio of George Jefferson and Florence Johnston talking about Geroge's jockstrap is heard.
    • After Al and Jefferson talk about the sports memorabilia at the new sports bar, Peggy asks them "..but will they have the door that George Jefferson slammed in the Willis' face", referring to Tom Willis and Helen Willis, an interracial couple whose relationship irks George at first, but he eventually learns to accept them.
      • Slamming the door in the face of person is apparently a habit of George's as Harry Bentley, the Jeffersons next door British neighbor, was a frequent victim.
      • This practice carried over to Married where various characters had a door slammed in their face throughout the series.
    • Jefferson applauds when Erik Estrada is announced as the the fill in actor for Ralph the Doorman. During the "Real Live Jeffersons Tour", the actor who played Ralph was not in attendance during rehearsals.
    • Peggy and later, Officer Dan and his officers can be seen holding up signs with Louise "Weezy" Jefferson's face.
    • Marcy mentions that the package they bought to see The Jeffersons Tour includes "a boxed lunch with both Lionels". This is in references to George and Weezy's son, Lionel being played by actors Mike Evans during season 1 and then again in season 5-11 and Damon Evans during seasons 2-4.
    • At the end of the episode, Al screams in horror as he and Jefferson are forced to watch The Jeffersons marathon, starting with "The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii", which was a real four part episode from 1980.
  • Throughout the episode, Al mentions former NFL player Bubba Smith, who appeared as Al's rival "Spare Tire" Dixon in "All Night Security Dude" and later as himself in "Dud Bowl".
  • Kelly makes a reference to Beavis and Butt-Head, a popular cartoon series on MTV that ran from 1993 to 1997 and then again in 2011.
  • Kelly mentions Nirvana, a grunge band associated with bringing the Seattle Grunge music scene to the mainstream in the early 1990s
    • The band would break up 5 months after this episode aired, following the death of guitarist / singer Kurt Cobain.
  • Bud mentions Public Enemy, a hip hop group known for its politically charged lyrics and criticism of the American media. They had previously performed with former MWC guest, Anthrax.
  • When Al talks to Joe Namath, he mentions that he had followed his career from the Super Bowl to "that pain ointment", referring to Flexall 454, a pain relief ointment that he was a spokesman for during the early to mid 1990s.[3]
  • Kelly ask Bud where is the guy who says "Dy-no-mite!" referring to actor Jimmie Walker and his catchphrase from the 1970s sitcom Good Times.
  • Bud makes a reference to the 1970s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes by sarcastically calling it "Give Me A Stroke".
  • Jefferson applauds when Erik Estrada is announced as the the fill in actor for Ralph the Doorman, and reminds the audience that Estrada was "Ponche" referring to his role as CHP Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncharello on the 1970s crime drama CHiPs.
  • Al and Jefferson can be seen doing the "Icky Shuffle" after hearing about the new sports bar. The dance is named after NFL player Ickey Woods. They both do the dance again later at the bar.
  • After Jefferson tells Al about the sports bar, they list off some memorabilia that will be there:
    • "Ali's gloves" - Professional boxer Muhammad Ali and his boxing gloves
    • "Mantle's spikes" - New York Yankees baseball player Mickey Mantle and his shoes
    • "Michael Jordan's putter" - Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan who had taken up golf at the time this episode was filmed.
  • When Peggy puts on a "Weezy" mask and asks Al to guess who she is, he says "Patrick Ewing?", refereing to the NBA player.
  • The organization that Al calls to confirm who was in the first Miller Lite commercial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (often shortened to ATF), is a real federal law enforcement group that deal with issues such the selling of firearms, acts of arson and taxation of tobacco and alcohol.


  • "Movin' On Up" the opening theme song to the sitcom The Jeffersons is heard multiple times throughout the episode.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Performance Theater Seating
  • The Bullpen Sports Bar Entrance / Dining Area / Television Wall


  • When Al and Jefferson are leading the sports bar in a vocal battle over who was in the first Lite beer commercial and its shown from an overhead view, a boom mic can been going across the upper left part of the screen.
  • When Al and Jefferson first come into the sports bar, Al has the camera in his hand as they stop and look at the televisions on the wall. The camera then shows a close up of the "Girls in Bikinis Wrestling in Lettuce" television. When the studio camera cuts back to Al and Jefferson, Jefferson now has the camera in his hand and Al is clearly eating something as he talks, even though they were standing behind the chairs watching the televisions and not at a table with food.
  • When the sports bar is first shown from an overhead shot, the camera shakes for a brief moment.
  • When the sports bar is first shown, there is a brief clip of a man in a suit who is standing next to a guy playing the "Hoop Shoot" game. The next clip is Al and Jefferson arriving and the same man is now walking past them towards the game he was just at.


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