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Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Married... with Children, also the 89th overall episode in the series. Directed by Kevin Curran, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on November 18, 1990. The episode name references to a Rod Stewart song of the same name.


Al becomes obsessed with his appearance after the neighborhood women begin admiring his handyman skills - followed by his physique.


In this, the ninth episode of Season 5, Al gets in touch with first his inner hunk, and then his inner ladies' man, much to Peg's distress. The women of the neighborhood want him, and the contagion soon spreads, drawing beautiful creatures to the shoe store, alongside the more traditional clientele. When Al moves a sofa off a neighbor's lawn without a shirt on, he unexpectedly gains a reputation as a "stud" among the neighborhood women. Uplifted, he starts taking showers and wearing elegant clothes, and his performance at work improves dramatically, as does his popularity with the ladies. Needless to say, Peggy is both jealous and unsettled - her husband is acting very unlike-Al.


Guest starring[]


  • Peggy: Oh, please. Just tell me what happened.
  • Al: Well, after I moved Brenda's couch, she said I was cute. [giddy] Oh Peg, I think she likes me!
  • Peggy: Oh honey, how could she? Aw, believe me Al, and I'm telling you this as your wife and as your friend... No one likes you!

  • Bud: Now you're sure the power's off?
  • Kelly: For the thousandth time, yes the power is off. [Bud steps outside with a screwdriver to fix the doorbell. Moments later, sparks fly and the lights flicker as Bud screams]
  • Bud: Ahh! Help Me! [After a few seconds, Bud staggers back inside, still smoldering] Kelly, spell "Off".
  • Kelly: [grimaces]...
  • Bud: SPELL IT!!
  • Kelly: [hesitantly] "O"... something...

  • Peggy: [slams the front door] Well, I don't know what they're looking. Have they never seen flies circle the head of a man before? [ sits on the couch as Bud enters and sits down]
  • Kelly: No, its attitude! I mean, for example, let's just say that there is somebody so unattractive in this room, that even the girl cats won't let him pet them. Now, how would this person,... well, lets just call him "Bub", get attention? Now, he can go on using his daddy's credit card, you know, [looks at Bud] calling date hotlines and saying that he is "Señor Pablo, U.N. Diplomat". [Bud looks back at Peggy meekly, before hanging his head in shame] Or he could learn, before he loses his hair to reveal his head pimples, that if you think you're hot, other people will too!
  • Bud: [bitterly, as he looks up at Kelly] Señor Pablo will not forget this!

  • Al: It was every man's fantasy. To be kept by a young wealthy woman whose skirt is as short as the lifespan of the man that she chooses. But I said "no."
  • Bud: Why? [Peggy angrily elbows Bud in his arm]
  • Al: Well, because I just realized that everything I've been doing up to now... the bathing, the brushing, the changing of the socks, the being nice to people, trying to succeed... it's all for nothing. All of those things are designed to attract. [lamenting] Why should I be attractive? I'm married with children. [Al looks off into the distance and begins to slowly transform, as he sinks into the couch and looks less refined]
  • Bud: Mom, look at him! [Al continues transforming and looking unkempt]
  • Kelly: What's happening?! [Al eventually reaches his final form, slouching and looking disheveled and defeated. He then turns and looks at his family] I'm scared!
  • Peg: [Rejoicing] He's coming back! My Al is coming back! [Al forcefully puts his hand down his pants as she takes a seat next to him. She then pushes his upper body forward as she inspects his underwear] Hanes! He's back! [puts her arm around his neck and kisses his cheek].




  • It is revealed that the house across from the Bundy Residence was occupied by the Thompson family until recently, when Brenda moved in.
  • Peggy reveals that a garbageman tucked Kelly into her bed as a baby because Peggy wanted to watch her soap opera.
  • Kelly reveals that Bud has a secret alias known as "Senior Pablo, U.N. Diplomat" and uses Al's credit card to call a date hotline.
  • Peggy tells Marcy that Al's standard underwear is a 3 pack of Hanes white briefs size 34.
  • This is one of the few times that Peggy actually went shopping for food for Al.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Jade, the buxom woman who appears at Gary's Shoe from time to time.

Cultural References[]

  • When Kelly tells Al about how the women in the neighborhood admired his looks, he tells her "If loving me is wrong, they don't want to be right", which is a reference to the 1972 song, "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right" by Luther Ingram.
  • Al compares himself to the British band, The Beatles when he comes back inside after washing the car and tells Peggy about how he felt after the neighborhood women were cheering him on.
  • After Peggy mentions that the only women who cheered him on were 3 elderly women, he tells "Hey, that's how Tom Jones started, baby!", in reference to the Las Vegas singer.


  • Al sings a variation of "Do That to Me One More Time" by Captain & Tennille while washing a car.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Shoe Store


  • Kelly tells Peggy that she heard about Al being the neighborhood hunk from the women in the area. Yet, she has been in the house with Bud for some time, as the kids were told the fix the doorbell while Al and Peg went out and Kelly only went out to the backyard shortly before telling Peg about hearing the news from the neighbors.
  • When Al is talking to Athena, the dollar bill in his breast pocket is sticking out and straight. Then when she puts tip money in his pocket, the bills are crumpled up and fully tucked in. Afterward, when the camera changes angles and show Athena getting up and Al about to call the next ticket number, the dollar bills are straight again and sticking out of his pocket. It remains this way as he talks to Peggy before she leaves. Finally, after Jade comes up and Al looks off to the side, the bills are crumpled up and tucked in again.

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