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Dr. Richelieu (pronounced Reesh-loo), played by Edward Hibbert, is the head marriage counselor of a marriage retreat/water park in "Love Conquers Al".


Dr. Richelieu is a British male in his 40s with blonde hair, eyeglasses and a blue polo shirt underneath a green tracksuit. He nicknames himself "The Prophet of Love" beliving he can fix any sort of marital issues.


Al Bundy and Peggy Bundy go to after it is recommended by Marcy D'Arcy after she took Jefferson D'Arcy there. It becomes apparent that Jefferson was brainwashed, but Al quickly cures him with 4 issues of Big 'Uns. Although the original plan was for Peggy's Mother and Ephraim Wanker to go, with Al hoping that it would get Peg's mom out of their house, Al and Peggy go with them in an attempt to repair their failing marriages.

At the retreat the couples that are there include:

  • Al and Peggy
  • Ephraim and Peg's mom
  • Philip, an effeminate look man and his rather masculine looking wife
  • Naomi, an attractive woman who is married to an elderly man.
  • A clown who is married to a businesswoman

Despite Dr. Richelieu's therapy of singing "Kumbaya, My Lord" and "trust exercises", no one at the retreat makes any progress in their marriages. Al quickly takes over and advises the husbands to let their wives blame them for everything, which fixes everyone's marriage except Ephraim and Peggy's mother.

Dr. Richelieu shows an intense dislike for Al for interfering with his work as the "prophet of love", as he put it. Although the other couples return in a better mood and thank Al for his advice, Ephraim decides that although it helped him and Peg's mom, he realized that he still has a pair of tickets to go anywhere around the world after his girlfriend/travel agent, Pancake, dumped him. Al belittles him and says no one would go with an elderly country hick, but then Naomi decides to leave her elderly husband and offers to join Ephraim

Ephraim takes off with Naomi, leaving Peggy and the elderly man to beat up Al with foam bats as the others sing "Kumaya" once again with Dr. Richelieu.


  • The character's name is derived from the title of Armand Jean du Plessis (1585-1642), who, as cardinal-duc de Richelieu at de Fronsac, was a great power in the court of King Louis XIII, and the main antagonist of Alexandre Dumas' "The Three Musketeers".