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Ellen L. Fogle is an American producer and writer who served as a supervising and co-executive producer in a total of one hundred episodes of Married... with Children, which began with the Season 4 episode titled "Hot Off the Grill"; "The Proposition" in Season 8 was the final episode produced by her. Her only other producing credit is the first season of The Parent 'Hood, although she started off in the early '80s as a writer for Saturday Night Live.

In addition to the MWC episodes which she had a hand in producing, Ellen also served in various other capacites in 51 MWC episodes, either as a story or script editor and consultant and secretary, beginning with the Season 1 episode titled "Married... without Children and concluding with the episode titled "Here's Lookin' at You, Kid" in Season 3 of the series.


Was one time writer of Duckman.

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