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Ephraim Wanker was the husband of Peg's Mom and father to Peggy Bundy. Ephraim Wanker was portrayed by Tim Conway in some of his onscreen appearances, and much like Peg's Mom, was originally due to be portrayed by Divine, who would play that role out-of-drag. This did not come to fruition however, as the actor had died before production on the original appearance of the character. Peggy's father was played by Tim Conway, appearing occasionally in the last three seasons.


It was implied that he was a drunk and held a shotgun to Al's head at Al and Peggy's wedding. He calls Peggy by her full name, "Margaret". Unlike many other sitcoms with the father-in-law usually disapproving of the husband who married his daughter, Peggy's father approves of Al so much that he held a gun to Al's head to force him to follow through on the marriage. Al had drunkenly proposed to Peggy, although Ephraim implied in "The Joke's on Al" that the gun was not loaded at the time. According to Al he is 70 years old. Ephraim, like his wife, was set to be played by Divine, who died before production.[1]


  • Some DVD subtitles (such as English subtitles on French DVDs) spell his first name "Efrum".



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