A Taxing Problem is the 14th episode of Married... with Children (Season 4), also the 71st overall episodes of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, they are written by series creators Michael G. Moye & Ron Leavitt. The episodes both originally aired on FOX on January 14, 1990.


Al is faced with an IRS audit because of Peg. He decides to find money quick to pay of his taxes by selling Peg's hair for $5,000.

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Faced with an IRS audit following some "creative accounting" done by Peg (who claimed that she could get more money for 23 kids if claiming 2 children as dependents got them $200), Al and plots to sell Peggy's hair to a desperate woman in order to pay the owed tax money. However, Peg is not looking to give away her red hair anytime soon.

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1987 Japanese film, A Taxing Woman, which is about a tax investigator who tries to catch tax evaders.


  • Steve tells Al that he quit his pet store job claiming that he wants to move to be a rodeo clown, then gets slightly more serious by saying he should live the rest of his life in Yosemite, California. Although he still appears in the next episode, this was in fact the last regular episode that David Garrison shot before his departure from the series.
  • This was the last MWC episode filmed in the 1980s.
  • Kelly makes a reference to an aluminum foil wrapped package in the refrigerator later identified as "Peggy's Mystery Pack" in "My Dinner With Anthrax".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kelly is taxed with solving an algebra problem where a farmer has 50 potatoes and 6 children, and he wishes to divide half of them among one third of the children, and the rest among the others.
    • Kelly doesn't realize that the problem is a trick question (25 potatoes can't be divided among 2 children evenly, and even if divided unevenly, there is no way to determine how many each of the remaining children would get).
  • Marcy reveals that she had to pay $5 to her male cousin to take her to prom and promise to not tell anyone. But he told them, making her the laughing stock of the school. She had to take the bus home while he made out with a woman named Roberta

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  • When Al asks Peg why she wouldn't be going to jail with him, she says that she didn't sign the tax return and points out "This is what they sent Capone away for!". This is in reference to Chicago gangster Al Capone who went to prison for tax evasion.
  • As Steve leaves the Bundy residence, he tells Al that if he sees James Brown in prison, to tell him that "...there is one white dude out there who thinks he got a raw deal". This is a reference to the singer, who at the time this episode was filmed was serving a six year prison sentence for a string of crimes that he was convicted of in 1988. He was eventually released on parole in 1991.
  • As Al is about to leave, he asks his family, "Not even a 'Shane! Shane! Come Back!'?", in reference to the 1953 western film Shane
    • Al previously mentioned that he missed watching Shane on television because of Peggy's family in season 2's "All in the Family".
  • When Peg asks Bud to shave his head to save her hair, he sarcastically jokes that he'll be the only bald 15 year old lady killer with no money named "Yul Bundy", alluding to the actor Yul Brynner.


  • Al hums Brahms "Lullaby" after telling Peg that he can wait for her to fall asleep.


  • Marcy states that women never lose hair. Women in fact do experience hair loss, though typically not to the severity of men. It is estimated that 25% of women do experience female pattern hair loss by the age of 50.

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