Al on the Rocks was the fourth episode of Season 7 of Married... with Children that aired on FOX on October 4, 1992, also the 135th overall episode in the series. The episode, directed by Gerry Cohen, was written by Andrew Smith.


Peg coddles a sick Seven and kicks everyone out the house who may be a threat to him. To pay for Seven's doctor bill, Al becomes a bartender at a topless bar — where the bartender is the one who's topless.


When Peggy uses up the monthly mortgage to pay Seven's doctor bill, Al is forced to take a second job bar-tending at a topless bar, but its a male strip club where the bartender and all other men are topless. Al enjoys his job, where he's become a big hit with the ogling ladies, but when Jefferson covers for Al for one day, he takes over Al's job, becoming an even bigger hit then the now has-been Al, much to the delight and relief of Peg, who was suddenly jealous of all the female attention Al was getting. Meanwhile, Peggy starts banning Kelly and Bud from the house to protect Seven from their germs.

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