At the Zoo is the tenth episode of Married... with Children, also the 67th overall episode of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by series creators Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye. It orginally aired on FOX on November 26, 1989.


Steve begins spending his time taking Peg, Kelly, and Bud to the zoo instead of looking for a job, which doesn't sit well with the recently-demoted Marcy.

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Steve plans to cook his way back into Marcy's good books...

Al and Marcy are the suckers in their respective families, still bringing home the bacon while their spouses spend the day at the zoo, along with the Bundy kids, in the fourth season's tenth episode. Newly unemployed Steve decides he doesn't really want to work, so he fritters away his days with the Bundys, visiting zoos and taking fishing trips. In order to cover this up, he lies to Marcy that he has been spending all day at job interviews and employment exchanges, but always getting the thumbs down. When Marcy discovers the truth, she explodes and says that he will be going to a job interview at her bank, which she set up herself.

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  • The title is a reference to the Marx Brothers' 1939 film, At the Circus


  • Steve confirms that he is unemployed, after losing his job following the events of "976-SHOE", by spending his time with Peggy and the kids.
  • Marcy confirms that she has been demoted to drive thru teller following the events of "976-SHOE", saying that she works 50 hours a week, has a 6 minute lunch break, and people spit at her.
  • After Al tells Marcy to "ignore them, chew your cud and hold your horns up high", her reply to Al and then worrying about Steve's job hunt while he quickly changes in the Bundy's patio were cut from the Season 4 DVD release by Sony Pictures. Instead, it immediately cuts back to Steve arriving at the Bundy residence in his suit.
    • The scene with her reply is fully intact on the Mill Creak DVD reissue.
  • Dan Tullis, Jr., who previously played the sheriff in "976-SHOE" and later played Officer Dan, appears in this episode as Sonny, one of the construction workers drinking at the bar who follows Norris out after a pretty woman walks past them.
  • Michael Francis Clarke, who plays the bartender in this episode would later appear on MWC in season 9's "Kelly Breaks Out" as the stage manager at the commercial shoot for Ice Hole beer.
  • This is one of the few times that Al comforts Marcy and treats her as a friend.
  • Marcy mentions that she and Steve had talked about having kids before, but she realized it would be difficult with only one working partner and having to deal with the issues and cost of raising them.
  • Steve reveals that he is able to make a chocolate souffle.
  • Marcy tells Al how Steve was greedy and materialistic when they first met and how they used to drive to the poor side of town and mock the people there by asking if they had change for a $1000.
  • This is the only episode where Bud refers to Steve as "Uncle Steve" instead of "Mr. Rhoades".

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  • Al mistakes Steve's reference to Bosco the sea turtle with Bosco Chocolate Syrup when he suggests that Steve put some in a glass and he'll spit in it.
  • Kelly mixes up the phrase "There, but for the grace of God, go I" with "There, but for the flippers, go I".
  • After seeing Marcy on the news, he tells the Bundys that he'll get a change of clothing and will be "staying at the Y", in reference to the organization, YMCA, which, at the time this episode originally aired, offered affordable dormitory style rooms for young men to stay in.


  • Al sings "Born Free" after he closes his bar tab.
    • The news reporter mentions that Steve sang the song as he kept throwing Bosco back into the water.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • The Leading Bank of Chicago exterior
  • Bar


  • At the conclusion, Steve is supposed to have killed a salt water Caribbean pygmy turtle by putting into Lake Michigan, a fresh water lake. First of all, there is no such animal as a Caribbean pygmy turtle. Second, turtles are reptiles and are not vulnerable the way a salt water fish placed in fresh water would be. Salt water turtles can survive in fresh water for short periods of time.

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