Breaking Up Is Easy To Do (Part 1) is the 14th episode of season 11 of Married... with Children and the 249th overall series episode. Directed by Mark K. Samuels and written by Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams, it premiered on FOX-TV on February 24, 1997.


Peggy and Al together visit a marriage counselor - but wind up leaving separately. Meanwhile, Kelly fights in the ring for a part in a boxing movie.

Plot SummaryEdit

Bud gets Kelly a new acting gig, where she has to compete with Heather, her nemesis. They end up challenging each other to a boxing match. After a lot of training she beats Heather. When Al-Peggy lose badly in a "Know Your Spouse Board Game" against Marcy-Jefferson and Griff-His girlfriend, they decide to see a marriage counselor on Marcy-Jefferson's suggestion. They fight and break up.

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  • The episode title is inspired by the song "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" by Neil Sedaka.
  • Parts 1 and 2 were originally shown as a one-hour episode.
  • Peggy's birthday is given as April 12.
  • The taping of this episode was delayed after an earlier, more serious draft of the script was deemed unsuitable. Earlier drafts of the script featured Al instigating the break-up after Peggy admits that she lied about being pregnant to make him commit to marrying her.
  • "Breaking Up is Easy to Do" was initially planned as a two-part story.
  • Peggy quotes from Gloria Gaynor's song I will survive.
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