Business Still Sucks, Part 2 was the 189th overall series episode of Married... with Children also the 6th episode of Season 9 of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by Stacie Lipp, the episode originally aired on FON-TV on October 9, 1994.


Part two of two-episode story. Al is forced to give up when he realizes that law is with Marcy and the gang. To avoid further issues, Al turns the store into a men's shoe store. Gary, the owner, plans to visit the store, so he paints the men's shoes and passes it off as women's shoes. She gets an idea and turns it into a store for women's shoes, breastfeeding and nursery.


In this conclusion of of a two-episode story, it starts off on day 2 of the standoff between the preggos and Fem-crusader Marcy and Al and his beer-bellied NO MA'AM cohorts and the fight over allowing pregnant women to breast feed in the shoe store. With both sides unwilling to back down, Al concocts a plan to rid the shoe store of women for good by selling mens shoes. But will it hold up when the oft-unseen owner Gary finally shows up? Al's case is blown to bits after Gary shows up, and forces he and his cohorts to relent upon their preggo-bashing and allow women to breast-feed, as she forces he and Griff to begin selling womens' shoes again!

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