Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics is the second episode of season 4 of Married...With Children, also the 59th overall series episode. The episode originally aired on FOX on September 3, 1989. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by Katherine Green.


Peggy wins the chance to exercise with Jim Jupiter, a local aerobics instructor with his own TV show, for two weeks, but she ends up killing Jim by introducing him to the world of smoking, eating junk food, and watching TV.


Peg wins a two week visit from a certain Jim Jupiter (Tom Lahm), the "healthiest man in Chicago," which soon turns into a test of wills between Peg and the TV aerobics instructor, who eventually succumbs to Peggy's lazy lifestyle of smoking and eating junk food. When Jim Jupiter literally drops dead after a workout on his local TV show, Peg surprisingly begins to suffer from a rare attack of guilt.

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  • The episode ends with the following message - "This show is dedicated to our brother the mighty cockroach. Let him show us the way."
  • After seeing Jim, Al jokes that Jim is probably going to "dash off to a Judy Garland concert", in reference to the actress and singer and implying that Jim is gay, due to her popularity in the gay community.
  • Upon winning, Peggy mentions how happy she is to Al. He then tells her, "Uh, Peg, I know you never asked for my permission when we got married or when you conceived the children, but if you think that fruit loop is staying in my house...", implying that the kids were not planned and that Jim is gay.
    • Al's line was edited out of the Sony DVD release (as they had started to use the syndicated version of episodes from season 4 onward due to licensing issues with "Love and Marriage"), but remains intact on the Mill Creek DVD version.
  • In the opening credits we see a new house number - 9674, presumably outside the Rhoades' house. However, in the episode itself the Bundy house number is still 9764.
  • Jim Jupiter's logo pictures the planet Saturn.
  • The names of Jupiter’s “girlfriends” on his show, Lola & Bunny, would become the name of the Loony Tunes character Lola Bunny 7 years later in the film Space Jam.
  • The shirt that Bud wears when he meets Jim is the same one he wears in the opening credits for season 4.
  • The red top that Kelly wears in the later half of the episode is the same one she wears during the opening credits for season 4.
  • Steve mentions that he played the Sousaphone in high school.


  • Steve sings "A Wandering Ministrel, I" and "For He's Going to Marry Yum Yum", both from the operetta The Mikado.
  • Peggy quotes the song "Bend Me Shape Me" by The American Breed when she starts to touch Jim and says "Bend me, shape me, any way you want me"



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • The Jim Jupiter Show set

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