The Flight of the Bumblebee was the 7th episode aired in Season 10 of Married... with Children and the 216th overall series episode. Directed by Amanda Bearse and written by Dvora Inwood, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on October 29, 1995.


The tenth season's seventh episode saw the return of King Kong Bundy this time as himself, rather than Uncle Irwin. Bud is looking to be initiated into NO MA'AM, and his final test is to get his picture taken with the wrestler.


To earn his membership into NO MA'AM, Bud must crash a televised wrestling match in order to get an photograph taken of himself with wrestler King Kong Bundy. With Kelly's help he gets near King Kong dressed as a bee. Bud not only manages to get backstage access by dressing in a Bumblebee outfit, but, thanks to Kelly's foolishness, he ends up getting matched to face the wrestling star as well. Meanwhile, NO MA'AM watches the match with their wives and the wives are all turned on by the violence. Subsequently, Bud embarrasses the giant and gets promptly flattened in the process. Finally. both Al and Bud end up in the hospital, with Al saying that Bud is still out of NO MA'AM due to wrestling causing their wives to go crazy, which leads them to change NO MA'AM to stand for Numb Old Men Anxiously Awaiting Morticians.

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