Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Part 1) is the fifth episode of Season 2 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 18th overall episode in the series. Written by Tracy Gamble and Richard Vaczy, the episode was directed by Linda Day and premiered on FOX on October 18, 1987.


While Al and Steve are occupied by a female employee who fixes the Bundy's refrigerator, Peggy invites Marcy to a strip club with the girls.


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  • [Al has invited Steve to watch an attractive repair girl fix his refrigerator]
  • Steve: You brought me all the way over here just to see that?
  • Al: Uh-huh.
  • Steve: Thanks, Al!

  • Al: [staring at the butt of the repair-girl] Yeah, looks like two little kittens playing gently under some denim.
  • Steve: I think it looks more like an apple, Al.

  • Marcy: Peggy, you just put a dollar bill down that man's pants. Why?
  • Peggy: Because my checkbook makes him walk funny.

  • Marcy: My wedding ring! It's gone! Peggy, I've lost my wedding ring down Zorro's pants!



  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is a famous song originally sung by Robert Hazard, but popularized by Cyndi Lauper.




  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen
  • Troy's Nightclub


  • When Zorro picks up Marcy you can see all of the studio lights on the "ceiling".
  • When Marcy "loses" her ring in Zorro's pants you can clearly see her take it off and stuff it in there.

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