He Ain't Much, But He's Mine is the fifth episode of season 4 of Married...With Children, also the 61st overall series episode. The episode originally aired on FOX on October 8, 1989. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by Lisa Rosenthal.


Peg thinks a new customer at the hair salon may be having an affair with Al. She soon gets jealous and acts weird.


Peggy begins to suspect that Al is cheating because he seems to have a lot of different excuses for why he is coming home later than usual. Peggy meets Ginger at her beauty salon. Ginger is a young woman who admits she is sleeping around with another woman's husband and Peggy thinks it could be Al. Marcy goes to Peggy's salon and gets a new look, that Steve hates. Peggy is worried that Al is cheating on her and she is determined to get answers.

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  • At the salon, Peggy and the ladies are disgusted when talking about actor Garry Shandling. At the time of the original airing of the episode, he was known for his show, It's Garry Shandling's Show which was airing on FOX's Sunday Night lineup.
  • When Peggy brings Marcy downstairs and then talks to Kelly about men who cheat, Bud can be seen reading a comic book called Rock 'n' Roll Comics. Specifically, he is reading issue #2, which focuses on metal band Metallica.
  • Marcy tells Peggy that from her impromtu survey, women would rather have sex with ALF than with Al. ALF was an alien played by a puppet from the sitcom of the same name.


  • Boom mic visible: Seen in the mirror when Peggy is talking to the woman at the beauty parlor while impersonating the stylist.

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