Life's a Beach is the 21st episode of season 3 of Married...With Children, also the 56th overall series episode. It originally aired on FOX on May 21, 1989. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by Ralph R. Farquhar.


Taking some inspiration from Steve & Marcy, The Bundys spend a family day at the beach.

Michael Faustino, David Faustino's younger brother, makes another guest appearance.

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Al is inspired by an episode of Eight Is Enough to spend more time with his family by taking them to the beach, but the experience doesn't turn out as ideally as he envisioned it. Seeking a tad more family togetherness, Al declares, "Bundy Day at the Beach", on which he takes the family to a local beach on Lake Michigan, where Bud and Kelly compete with each other to find some dates for themselves, while an old flame, named Marilyn Beamis (played by Morgan Brittany), finds Al. Meanwhile, Steve attempts to evade responsibility after causing a traffic accident. When the Rhoades need to avoid the other driver in a fender bender they had, everyone -- The Bundys and the Rhoadeses -- all head to the beach! Bud gets a girlfriend, or at least that's the way she sees herself.

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