Rain Girl is the 21st episode of season four of Married... with Children, also the 78th overall episodes of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by Kevin Curran. The episode originally aired on FOX on April 29, 1990.


Kelly takes a job as an intern at Channel 83, and winds up as their Weather Bunny, and then its "meterlolologist".

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When Kelly realizes that she's not intelligent or literate enough to attend college, she has to take a job at a TV station where she quickly moves from an intern to a $1,000-a-week weather bunny forcing the current weatherman to storm off now leaving Kelly with her new manager Al, a $250,000 a year contract offer.

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1988 Dustin Hoffman / Tom Cruise film, Rain Man.


  • Bud reveals that he tosses the frisbee to Al and Buck
  • Peggy reveals that Al has a credit of $55 on his "Mastercharge"
  • Al and Bud wash windows by the freeway off ramp to earn extra money.
  • Al and Bud reveal that they hates eating veal while Kelly seems to like it.
  • Bud tells his tour group that Kelly was conceived in Al's Dodge and born in the garage.
  • Marcy reveals that she has a younger sister who is a physicist and that she also has to work in a butcher's shop to pay for her sister's education, since her mom viewed her as too pretty to do any work. She also reveals that she missed out on her prom.
  • This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Costuming for a Series.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • After Kelly talks about facing the dilemma of quitting school, Al sarcastically calls Peggy "Mama Walton" in reference to the CBS family drama series, The Waltons


  • Al sings "Cha, Cha, Cha" to Peg and Bud in regards to the bills that are piling up.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Channel 83 Action News Set


  • During the last portion of the episode, while Al walks around and then sits down in the living room in his new suit, the studio lights are reflected on his sunglasses.

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