Requiem For a Chevyweight (Part I) is the fourth episode of Season 11, the first part of the two parter involving Al's car, and the 239th overall episode of Married... with Children. Marcy does not appear in this episode.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Al's Dodge starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it. Al starts to reminisce about the car, flashbacking to talking with his father as they fix the car where his father hits Al's head when he gives him the wrong screwdriver both times, and the night Kelly was conceived due Al using the same condom again. Lastly, he reminisces about the early 1970s where Al reminisces about how the incident where a Japanese car cuts them off and he has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it, and a young Kelly, who always has her head in a book and has learned things that her parents have no clue about, hits her head and suddenly becomes an airhead. Peggy suggests that Kelly give baby Bud one of her rubber dollies to play with, which neither Peggy nor Al thinks will be a negative influence on him in the future. At the end of the episode, the car starts to die. Al tries to save it, but it flatlines. He muses over the times he has had with the car, saying for the car to drive towards the light.


Kelly, at a young age

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  • Cliff Bemis, who plays Al's dad in the flashback, previously appeared on MWC in the season 2 episode " The Great Escape" as the Termite Boss.
  • Cliff Bemis plays Al's dad in this episode, even though he is two years younger than Ed O'Neill.
  • When Al is taking to the car doctor about a new pump and the doctor tells him it would be nearly impossible to find one, Al shouts at him "Oh yeah, if it was Larry Hagman's car, you'd find a donor pump". This was a reference to actor Larry Hagman who underwent a liver transplant in 1995.
  • This episode does not end with an epilogue.
  • Alternate title is a pun on Requiem For a Heavyvveight, a movie based on a story by Rod Serling.
  • Al mentions Lee Iacocca who was the CEO of Chrysler (the maker of Dodge and Plymoth cars) and was responsible for reviving the brand in the 1980s.
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