Sleepless in Chicago was the 191st overall series episode of Married... with Children also the 8th episode of Season 9 of the series. Directed and written by Katherine Green, the episode originally aired on FOX-TV on October 23, 1994.


Kelly becomes a brunette to do a public announcement and be taken seriously. Jefferson gets a nurse Barbie doll and Al gets the first issue of 'Big Uns' at an auction. They later realize the Barbie is worth $50,000. Jefferson needs Al to lie in bed next to Marcy while Jefferson tries to take Marcy's valuable Barbie doll and sell it off. Peg is worried that Al is missing.


Jefferson learns that the nurse Barbie doll he bought for Marcy on her birthday at an auction is worth a small fortune - $50,000. So he asks Al a big favor: sleep next to Marcy for the night, lie in bed next to her and take the doll as he then goes out to sell her family heirloom off. In return, Al gets to keep a prized first edition of the magazine "Big Uns" that he bought at the auction with Jefferson's money.

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  • The main theme of the episode focuses on Barbie Fashion Dolls and Al and Jefferson having to retrieve the doll. A similar themed episode was seen in season 2's "Guys and Dolls".
  • Al's get excited when the 1960s television show, Dragnet appears on the TV screen. Ed O'Neill would later star in the 2003 reboot.
  • Al mentions the FOX television show, America's Most Wanted after the Barbiephile talks to them.
  • One of the items for sale at the auction is the nose of Michael Jackson, a reference to the singer's constantly changing appearance.
  • Al refers to Peg as comic book character, Popeye the Sailor, while she hums "Blow the Man Down".
  • Jefferson's middle name is revealed to be "Milhouse" in the episode.



  • Marcy claims her parents never let her have a Barbie doll and gave her a Chinese back scratcher that she dressed up instead. But in the season two episode, "Guys And Dolls", she clearly states that she had one as a child instead of real friends and had been keeping it in its original box for 20 years.
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