Sofa So Good is the 14th episode of season 8 of Married... with Children, also the 171st overall series episode. Directed by cast member Amanda Bearse and written by Doug McIntyre, it premiered on FOX-TV on January 16, 1994.


While Al and Peg are away at a family reunion, Kelly's latest boyfriend ruins Peggy's couch, prompting the two Bundy kids to find a new, identical-looking couch before Al and Peg come home. As it turns out, there was only 2 sold of that particular couch, and the maker of the couch (who went insane and built a shrine to the Three Stooges) lives in the woods. Kelly must make a difficult deal with the couch-maker to replace it, which she does. Only when Al and Peggy go upstairs do they realize what is missing...the bed.

  • Note: Amanda Bearse doesn't appear in this episode, being fully occupied behind the camera.

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  • The title of the episode is a reference to the phrase "So far, so good".
  • The book that Kelly reads, "The Little Engine That Could", was previously used on MWC in the season 3 episode, "He Thought He Could".
  • Larry Hankin, the actor who plays Mary in this episode, would later appear as Mr. Heckles on the NBC sitcom "Friends", which would also feature MWC actors Matt LeBlanc and Christina Applegate.
  • When Peg is talking to Kelly and tells Al that she's wants to say goodbye, he screams out "Peg! 'To Serve Man'...its a cookbook!". This is reference to a 1969 episode of The Twilight Zone episode entitled "To Serve Man".


  • Kelly asks Mary for a cappuccino and then they sit down and drink. When Mary throws the cups towards the couch, it falls facing the camera and you can see the fake "cappuccino" still in the cup.
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