The Agony and the Extra C is the 17th episode of season 10 of Married... with Children, also the 226th overall series episode. Directed by Sam W. Orendor and written by Jimmy Alack & Jim Kelley, it premiered on FOX-TV on February 11, 1996.


Bud and Kelly visit Jefferson in the hospital, who tells them the story. For his Anniversary, Marcy wants him to be away from Al, but he goes to nudie bar with them to see the Mexican babes. He gets delayed there and based on a stripper's suggestion he decides to get a tattoo from a drunk guy at the nudie bar, but it ends up misspelled ("I Love Mary").

Plot SummaryEdit

In the hospital waiting for surgery, Jefferson tells Bud and Kelly about his 5th wedding anniversary mishap. He and his pals Al, Griff, Ike, Officer Dan and Bob Rooney went to the Jiggly Room where it was suggested that he honor Marcy by getting a tattoo. But the drunken tattooer adorned his rear end with the sentiment "I Love Mary." Al must figure out a way to help Jefferson get this past Marcy.

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1963 film "The Agony and The Ectasy"
  • Katey Sagal briefly appears in this episode in a pre-recorded insert, where Peggy is shown to be in Paris, France continuing the search for her missing father.
  • The song Marcy sings while setting up dinner for her and Jefferson is "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summers.


  • When NO MA'AM tries to convince Jefferson to join them for "Foreign Exchange Night" at the Jiggly Room, Griff tells Jefferson that they are featuring dancers from Chicago's sister city, Chihuahua, Mexico. Chicago's sister city from Mexico is actually Mexico City.
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