The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked was the 14th episode of Season 9 of Married... with Children, also the 197th overall series episode. Directed by Sam W. Orender, and written by Michael G. Moye, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on January 8, 1995.
Married With Children The Naked and the Dead - Kelly in Commercial

Kelly gets selected to appear in a weight loss shake commercial in the episode.

Charlie and Helen - MWC

An ogling Charlie checks out the enormously busted feature dancer "Rocki Mountains", much to the displeasure of wife Helen.


Peggy and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial.


To satisfy their complaining and curious wives, Al, Jefferson, Bob Rooney (E.E. Bell),Charlie (Barry Shabaka Henley) and all the other guys with NO MA'AM invite all the girls to accompany them to The Jiggly Room on a Friday night, on what is called "A-Cup Night", when smaller busted feature dancers appear, and the guys usually go bowling, to let the wives see what the guys really do there, and why they spend so much time there,

When the bar's owner, Iqbal (played by Iqbal Theba) introduces the enormously endowed Rocki Mountains (Letha Weapons), who Iqbal said "normally appears on Saturdays, but was appearing tonight due to her getting married Me!", all mouths are wide open and eyes agape as she begins her act! After taking off her star-spangled brassiere; the torpedo-busted Rocki coyly invites anyone in the audience by asking "Who's man enough to climb The Rockies?", Bob Rooney, who along with the other guys, was trying to keep his composure in front of the wives, gets so aroused, he blurts out "I can't take it anymore! It's partytime!" 

Meanwhile, Kelly gets a job in another TV commercial, this time for a weight loss shake product called "Waist-Away". However, she loses her job to nepotism as the obese daughter of the company president of the corporation which produces the product is selected, because of her connections, and the only way that they use Kelly is by superimposing the girl's head onto the body of Kelly!

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  • Leland Orser, who plays Mark, would work with MWC cast member Ed O'Neill again in the crime thriller The Bone Collector four years later in 1999, although they don't share any screen time. Orser plays Richard Thompson, the serial killer who tries to kill Denzel Washington's character, Lincoln Rhyme, but is killed by officer Ameila Donaghy (Angelina Jolie), while O'Neill plays detective Paulie Sellitto, a friend and colleague of Rhyme's.
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